In the Balance

My latest yarn purchases have tipped the balance for the year towards more bought in than knitted up. It's not where I wanted to be but just setting the goal of knitting up more than I buy has made me think much more about my purchases and slow things down a bit. I've got time to redress the balance if I can find a little more knitting gusto than I've managed of late. I'm sure I buy more yarn the less I knit as compensation!

April and May are tough months at work with lots of client meetings and they've been taking their toll on this sickly child. It really is a question of balance here too (small voice mutters - as in kniting, as in life) but there is some reward on its way which will help to even things out. Two of the meetings are in Oslo next week. Two tough days but then I'm adding a three day break with the Mr. Bliss.

Hmm more yarn stores to explore means I'd better get on and knit some of this latest haul I think. The Rowan Calmer I got from Jannette's Rare Yarns and was totally delighted with the price and wonderful service. It's set to become a nice little summer shrug. The Regia Nation was from Web of Wool and again they were very efficient. I had tried to order it from Angel Yarns originally but they were out of stock and then they couldn't get any more from their suppliers - one of the colours I ordered still seems to be on their site which seems odd. I'd definitely stick with Web of Wool if you go after any of this super stripey stuff as with the free UK postage they worked out cheaper too. The stuff at the front knits up as rainbow stripes - featured recently on the Yarn Harlot blog. There's also a little bit of Jaeger mohair peeping out of the top - 3 balls for a £1 in the charity shop :o)


Charity said…
I think balance is the key with yarn shopping - as long as you're comfortable and happy, that's all that matters! The Calmer looks lovely - I've never knit with it, but have heard so many excellent things! And you can hardly count the mohair! :0)
Marianne said…
That's a great scale and an even greater whack of yarn!
Nope, you can't beat that score on the Jaeger! Great find!
I also agree with Charity, no surprise there :^)
Veronique said…
I've made 2 pairs of sock with the Regia Fun Nation, and I love it!! The blue Calmer looks lovely :) I'm sure that you'll eventually knit everything up.
Sarah Ditum said…
Oh oh oh, charity shop yarn bargains are my nemesis. Everytime I vow to end the stash madness, something amazing puts its little yarny tendrils out of a secondhand bin. Those all look like eminently knitable purchases anyway - it's when you start stashing things with no conceivable purpose that you have to worry.
Rose Red said…
I love that Regia stripey yarn! I was not fond of stripes at first, but now that I've knitted stripey socks, I'm loving them more and more.

I'm trying to keep balance on the yarn purchases too, as you know, and agree - it does make me think more about what I buy (but I'm still out of balance...just not by as much!!)
Linda said…
I am totally out of balance with my stuff at the moment and it makes me feel bad. So I have a couple of purchases on the way then I will try and knit it all!! I love your scales.
Bells said…
Great looking Regia!!

That balance is so hard although I'm told I have nothing to worry about....?!
Donna said…
I think seriously addicted knitters all have the same problem, I know i do!!

I have some of the Regia in one of the Kaffe Fassett colourways but haven't knitted it up yet.
raining sheep said…
I think I tipped that scale a while back...I don't think I can possibly wear all the socks I plan to knit in the future. I am at the point now where when I knit socks, I am thinking about a recipient in the back of my mind somewhere.
The Rowan Calmer is beautiful! I'm glad you're taking a break between meetings :)
Bells said…
you've been tagged!
Curly Cable said…
Lovely yarn purchases, don't worry about the balance, yarn retail therapy is always a good thing especially when you've got stresses at work looming, best medicine ever is yarn :) I love the colour of your Calmer, and of course the yarn is superb to knit with, so you won't be disappointed. The Kaffe Regia stripey yarn is fab too :)
dreamcatcher said…
Calmer is a wonderful yarn, I've been eyeing up that colourway at Jannette's for a while :-)

Must admit I do try to find something in stash before buying these days!

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