Rome wasn't built in a day....

... but I'll have these socks knit this month even if it sends me over the edge! Thanks for the encouragement with the cast on; boy do I need it. After this mangling I'm going for Clare's (blogless but she is Borrower in Ravelry so you can check out her fantabulous LMKs) offer of help with the crochet version.

Seeking encouragement in the gift knitting realm I've signed up for a KAL following Charity's lead - I'm quite the joiner-in these days, odd as I don't normally play nicely with others. It's just the badges I like ;o) The socks will be a gift (if they are good enough!) so that's two birds with one stone by my reckoning; though I probably shouldn't count my chickens before they're hatched as a bird in the hand is worth two still on the needles isn't it?


Linda said…
Well done for persevering. I took ages to knit my first toe up socks, and I havn't knit another pair since! Maybe I should.
Veronique said…
Whoah. That looks complicated indeed. Not to muddy the waters or anything, but have you tried the figure 8 cast on (aka "magic"). There's no provisional cast-on, you just make your 8s and start knitting!
tute here
Charity said…
Well done! And it's great you joined the Holiday KAL! :0)
Those socks look very complicated.
I've tagged you on my blog!
Piglottie said…
Keep with it, it will make sense at some point (it did with me - eventually). If you need any help, just email me :)
Artis-Anne said…
My word you are a busy bee lately and I am trying to catch up with all your posts :0
Good luck with the socks; I still haven't done any toe ups !!
Curly Cable said…
Good luck with the socks and yes go on.. you can do it :)

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