The Reluctant Model

My beloved was a little camera shy when I asked him to model his lovely new hat; I guess you can't blame him as it was before 7am and he was on his way to the gym. I can guarantee there will never be a photo of me taken under those circumstances appearing here!

I had to get some photos in while it was light though and he does get the hat remember.

Though actually come to think of it he was supposed to get the hat as a reward for coming to a lovely yarn shop with me :o) thus this is the Salzburg Souvenir Hat.

This now means I have used (well made projects with - the ends don't count) all my tourist yarn from my last trip and can definitely buy more on my next trip - yey for San Francisco in December!

Pattern: Skye Rib Hat by Dreamcatcher
Yarn: Lana Grossa Dasolo Stripes (87% wool, 13% Polyamide) 1.25 skeins
Needles: 4mm long metal DPNS and short bamboo dpns

Started: 27 October 2007
Finished: 29 October 2007
Notes: This is officially my perfect Beanie pattern - makes a great fitting, deep (ie ear warming) beanie. I will be making more. According to Ravelry this yarn has been discontinued but I would get more if I had the chance - it's a really interesting construction, it's not a solid strand as I thought but a very finely knit tube which makes for a very springy, smooshy feel. Knit on 4mm needles it made a very firm fabric and the hat is somewhat too warm for our autumn weather. I'm sure it will be getting use as soon as there is a cold snap though as I think someone else likes it too.


Rose Red said…
That really looks like a great hat - just another pattern to add to my list!

San Francisco yarn shopping - omg how exciting!!
Marianne said…
That is a fabulous hat and looks quite dashing on your Beloved!
yikes... 7am!
sheep#100 said…
Wow, you have been finishing a lot lately!
florencemary said…
Hey, that beanie looks good! I just might add it to my Chrimbo knits... one of my brothers, perhaps?

And well done to Mr Sarah for being a good sport at 7 in the morning!
Piglottie said…
Good modelling and lovely hat! And you are going to San Fransisco?! Lucky you - extra suitcase for all the yarn you will buy is needed methinks :)
Sarah Ditum said…
A fab hat on a lovely beloved! Well done on getting him to co-operate: you may have noticed that Mr Webbo is the only one in my family shirking his knit-modeling duties!
yvette said…
That looks a great hat pattern, one more for my list.
I love this hat! It looks great :)
Curly Cable said…
Lovely Hat, and good on your beloved for modelling at 7am, you should see me at that time, but then again prehaps not, unless you like scarey sights:) Wow what an exciting trip to look forward too San Francisco Shopping :)
Linda said…
That is a great hat! Well done for him for modelling it, mine wouldn't have done!
dreamcatcher said…
The hat looks great! Super yarn too :-) I'm glad it has worked out well and that the "reluctant model" likes it :-)

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