Climbing a mountain

The path up Glastonbury Tor November 15th 2015

Looking North through St Michaels Tower on top of Glastonbury Tor

Reflecting on the joy of climbing Glastonbury Tor
Last Sunday I walked up Glastonbury Tor. My third visit in three years and the first time I've had the energy and the physical capability to do so. Standing in the fierce wind, pulling in great lungfuls of fresh, cool air, blood pumping I felt so blessed. Alive, vital and part of the landscape this beautiful hill held me above and connected me to. Third time lucky and also a way marker of the progress of my growing health, a reward for all the physical and soul work I have done.

There was a wonderful moment on the final stretch towards the tower when I thought I might have to stop for another wee breather.  Instead of stopping I invited myself to carry on for the extra sense of triumph of stopping when I reached the tower, knowing that it was just one more step, and one more step, and one more step. Knowing that I would allow myself to stop at any time freed me to carry on right to the top in one final, glorious (sweaty, huffy puffy) move. It might sound insignificant but it so characterises a different relationship that I am tending with myself. One that is built on trust between my conscious mind and my body. My mind can occasionally be persuaded to take a back seat and just monitor what is going on, my body doesn't panic, it does what it knows how to do and keeps things steady. I am enjoying this so very much.


GreenPea said…
Fantastic! I bet you felt wonderful

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