Embroidery excitement

Having seen a couple of blog reviews of the new book from Caroline Zoob I had to have a copy, and it arrived this afternoon. One brief peek inside so far and I am sooo excited to do some more embroidery suddenly. Look at that one little snippet I had the patience to photograph for you, just so enticing to me!

This chrysanthemum is not a project from the book, it is something that had been lingering unfinished after a fit of enthusiasm earlier in the year.  There was a wonderful exhibition of Japanese embroideries at the Ashmolean back in January which induced me to buy a simple Anchor kit in the gift shop. I had to finish it last night so I could have the hoop for whatever this book inspired me to start on next! I'm going to go and make a gin and tonic and settle in for a Friday night of embroidery, may your weekends be equally full of such daring pursuits!


Unknown said…
Your embroidery is beautiful.
Enjoy your G&T and I look forward to seeing whatever project you decide to embark on from your new book.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Jill x
DrK said…
i really dont have the patience or light touch needed for embroidery, or even machine sewing to be honest, but i love things you are making, so pretty!
Anita said…
Hi Sarah,
Your embroidery has turned out lovely. Well done.
Cheers, Anita.
Kai said…
Love your embroidery! Think I'll pick mine up again now!

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