I've caught one!

An actual FO. Wha?! Thought those didn't happen round here any more. Second one of the year. Like the first it's a two colour Honey Cowl. Love it. I was spurred on this weekend by news of a cold snap and cold and snappy it has been. It's had three days wear now and so I am pleased to say spring can shuffle right along in now please. I'll happily wash this sweetie and put her to bed to wait for next winter. Though it's been ridiculously mild really overall this winter we are getting the coldest bit at the tail end and I am ready for springing gaily in the daffodils stat.

Anyway, it is not spring we are here to discuss it is the woolly lap companion that is now a wearable neck companion, here are the details:
Pattern: Honey Cowl - MadelineTosh
Yarn: Dye for Yarn - Wool/Silk DK in Peacock butterfly taking a dirt nap and A dark storm is coming near
Needles: 5mm, 100cm circ
Started: January 2013
Finished: March 2013

Fourth time around. Wouldn't bet against more of these for next winter time gifts as it's such a pleasing, meditative knit. Especially in the two colour for extra visual entertainment. These lovelies were chosen by my dear Squam pal, Lily, who went to the Dye for Yarn shop in person. Very special to me because of that and because this yarn and their colours really are something to treasure. Their colourway names are everything I think colour names should be, no boring numbers, full on descriptive. LOVE. Venture in to the shop link with care as these are pricey little darlings but hard to resist for that special something. The slinkyness next to my neck is most appreciated as is the way the tones work with the lovely depth and texture of this pattern.

Every time I've made this I've thought hmm it is longer and less wide than I would really like, which I could so easily have adjusted by casting on less stitches but that would have meant finding a shorter circ and we all know the rumours about the state of my craft supplies. So long and narrowish is where we stayed and round my neck this shall stay until someone turns up the temperature.


Anonymous said…
OMGosh! That is one loverly cowl! Hmmm... It actually snowed here today so I might just have to look up that pattern! :D
Hugs and keep saying the mantra that spring is right around the corner, PLEASE?!
Beth P
Rose Red said…
Oh wow! This is the first one I've seen in two colours (I think?), it looks fantastic! And that yarn, it sounds lush. I love the names of the colours too, very cool.
Unknown said…
It even looks luscious!! Enjoy it, but can we have Spring now!
Unknown said…
I've knit this cowl a couple of times, but not two tone - I absolutely love the colours you've chosen. The two colours definitely give the pattern more definition.
Well done for the FO. It's always such a great feeling when you cross that knitting finishing line.

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