A very woolly day out


If you could make it out of wool then I think you could find it at the Wool House  exhibition just finishing up at Somerset House this weekend. A wool loving friend and I had such a fun day out there on Thursday. 

The attention to detail and commitment to the vision of the showcase was truly impressive. From the courtyard colourful sheep statues and topiary made from fleece guide you to a wing that has been lavished with amazing creations. Stepping foot into the lobby brings delightful surprise after delightful surprise as your eyes are being drawn to a crochet life size bear or a hug of a chair, you think you are about to step on to a checkerboard floor of marble until you sink into a deeply luxurious carpet. The best of everything that wool can do from high fashion, through every style of furnishing and decoration for the home displayed in meticulously designed room settings to a craft room full of delights. I was so proud to feel part of this woolly world, to be already a convert to its delights and was so inspired by the quality of the craftsmanship, the inventiveness and the riot of colour and texture.


Lynne said…
Sounds like a wonderful exhibition.
DrK said…
oh my gosh i think i just fell asleep in that chair! what a great exhibition, so much woolly goodness!
GreenPea said…
oooh, that chair... great description of a lovely day out
Anonymous said…
I would love to see Wool House - as I am up in Yorkshire blog posts like yours are much appreciated !

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