Domestic duties

In a rare turn of events I seem to have been doing dutiful things such as cleaning and tidying this weekend in place of more creative pursuits. I'm not sure it quite qualifies as spring cleaning but I admit I feel a little lighter for how organised my wardrobe is now. If only I was naturally a tidy person! Still it's all secretly just preparatory work for what I hope I'll get to next weekend - sorting out the craft supplies. Yay!

It should also be noted that the squock and I have had a fair few quality moments  together and I may have had a couple of nice lunches out with the Mr. Hmmm not quite chained to the kitchen sink after all :)


Rose Red said…
Gosh, I wish I was a naturally tidy person too. Sigh.

At least nice lunches make up for time spent cleaning!
Lynne said…
I, too, would prefer to be naturally tidy -- or perhaps naturally not lazy! It's amazing how a good clear out and a bit of organisation can make us happy, isn't it?

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