A deliciously ridiculous level of excitement over a kit

Have I ever discussed my unnatural love for craft kits before? I swoon for a little package that promises to have all supplies and instructions in one place and make crafting something easy. Sometimes I even get tempted by knitting kits with yarn and needles. I've so far resisted those as it would be like carrying coal to Newcastle. (Though I did learn to knit by buying a kit so perhaps that's the root of all of this passion for packaged bits of stuff that I already have.)

Now there are kits and then there are Kits.There are some kits that I am almost powerless to resist. The kits from Alicia Paulson. Oh my. These are the Rolls Royce of kits, fabulous design, quality contents, personalised note, so much promise that I too can craft like her! I know I should buy the PDF and use up some of the supplies I already have or get stuff I need locally but oh then I wouldn't have the delight of opening them up. Of staring a while, turning it over in my hands without even opening the cellophane so that I can appreciate the meticulous organisation. Then I ease out the pattern and try and preserve the supplies undisturbed until I'm actually ready to dive in and begin. If I were a rich woman I might just have to buy two of each kit so I could preserve the work of art that arrives in the post and have the fun of making it - or perhaps more accurately starting to make it...

These kits are definitely a guilty pleasure as even though I always have the best of intentions I might not always actually finish the product, I was going to have to admit to never - Christmas ornament kits I'm looking at you  - and then I remembered the Country Girls  - phew! Anyway it's an indulgence I'm never going to give up as long as I have pennies in my bank account. If opening some nice post can make me so happy it can't be wrong and of course Miss Maggie Rabbit will soon be hopping around on this blog.


Lynne said…
I can hear your enthusiasm as I read your post. I think we should buy and use whatever makes us happy -- life's too short for bad materials or instructions!
Tanya said…
oh wow you've just inspired me. you make kits sound AMAZING!
Unknown said…
I can see why you're drawn to such pretty kits :0) They're all lovely.
Jill x
PS - I've taken off my Google ID thingymebob, so hopefully you won't have a problem in the future. Please send me email if you're still having difficulties, I always love hearing from you and would hate that this menacing little blogger tool keeps you from commenting. (knitting.needles@yahoo.co.uk).
wishing you a lovely weekend.
Rose Red said…
I love a good kit too! And while it isn't the same, I also love apple product packaging - for the same sort of reason - so well thought out and designed, it is a pleasure opening them!

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