The Knifts of 2011

Just three knitted gifts given this year and, as I finished the last one today in the car on the way to see my friend, that seems like just the right amount!
Ravelled: here
 Starting with that one, it was a knit I was delighted with all the way up to when I tried it on at the end to find that it was on the large size, particularly in the arms which are quite Mr Tickle-ish in proportions! Snapped here with the ends still needing sewing in, a perfect job for a car journey. Exemplary planning in action. Happily my friend is the sort who is simply delighted to receive a hand made gift and was sportingly keen to roll up any amount of excess armage. I choose the recipients of my knifts wisely!

Spring Forward socks were finished on Christmas Eve, barely off the needles before happily cosying toes. I used a cotton stretch yarn - the kind that is constructed as a tube with an elastic thread within. I didn't love it to knit because it has a somewhat corrugated feel, but it's nice in the socks and should wear well I think. I just love this pattern both to knit and to look at as I've said before, my only mod was to add an extra inch of the twisted rib cuff and I might be tempted to add another pattern repeat to the leg next time around. I am sure there will be a next time around, maybe in a plainer yarn to make more of that pretty pattern.
Ravelled: here

The third gift was finished back in early December and after a stern talking to and a bit of a wash and condition I decided the yarn was soft enough for a cowl, I wouldn't use it for that again but this design is quite baggy so I think it worked okay. I'll let you know if I ever see my Auntie actually wearing it - though as she has a bad habit of saving all my knits in a box it might not be a measure of the scratchy-ness if I don't!
Ravelled: here

A nice little selection, and as I got some lovely yarn for Christmas that I'm excited to get on to knitting any second now I'm very happy to have kept it simple and to have them done. I hope you all had or  are having lovely holidays and that some crafty treats made it your way too.


Lynne said…
Lovely knits, Sarah. My only Christmas crafting was two cloth books for my grandsons - and they would love them no matter how well they "fitted"! LOL
Anonymous said…
i am impressed by your ability to deliver knifts on time. i have completely given up. hope you got some lovely things in return!
Rachel said…
All lovely gifts! And considering there was a sweater and sock selection in there, very ambitious! I really love the color of the wrap...and sleeves can be rolled up. Glad your friend has that attitude as well!
Rose Red said…
Wow, such great (and big) gift knitting - you did way bette than me, I gave a "pair" pf socks to husby still on the needles (sock #1!) and now that the first sock is finished it doesn't even fit him! Gah!

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