Ups and Downs

It's been a beautiful weekend and a beastly one. Some lovely time with friends and the Mr - eating out and tripping round the Christmas market and relaxing at home and then some grumpy time that I wish would just go away. I wonder whether I'm always a little like this in the run up to Christmas. My calm just strains at the seams until panic peeps out? Something about trying to just stuff in one too many activities. It's not the gift makes really this year. I'm just about on schedule. Though a bit more seaming and a bit less playing with crochet blanket squares might get me a little closer to the wrapped moment!

It was the thought of putting up decorations that sent me over the edge today. More specifically tidying and cleaning and finding the decorations. There's something about this time of year which makes me want to do more and make more at a time of year when I have less and less energy to spare. Each short day as we head to year's end I feel a little more like I'm drawing on an empty well. I have so much I want to do but as I try and be realistic about what I should spend my time on I guess I resent not having more energy to fit everything in. That's a downward spiral I don't want to get trapped in so we're going light on the deccies this year and I shall try and just be happy to enjoy Christmas and not worry about accomplishing it!


Lynne said…
Sounds like a wise decision to me! Be easy on yourslef (I know it's hard sometimes).
Rose Red said…
It's a vicious cycle at Christmas! You want to have a good time and get all the things done, so it becomes stressful, which means you are already not having a good time, and you become even more stressed. I hope you can find some time to relax and not worry if you don't get everything perfect. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time anyway!
Heldasland said…
I agree xmas is so very stressful.We have just decorated the house.It has taken me so long as everywhere neeeded cleaning.I just want xmas to pass
DrK said…
i have completely given up on having any expectations at xmas. i have no family around me, which is sometimes good (no drama) but sometimes bad (lonely). this year im opting for a focus on food, catching up with friends, no presents for anyone, and escaping with the dogs. oh and cricket on tv, which is a wonderful ritual here. so im feeling a lot more relaxed really. and when all else fails, knit!
Rachel said…
I think every one of us goes into that spiral at the holidays. It's not only getting everything ready for Xmas for me, but something about the end of the year makes me want to finish 'everything'. And it never happens yet I put so much pressure on myself. This year I'm doing better...trying to let some things go. Good luck to both of us with that!

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