Feeling it

 The Christmas spirit rolled on in this weekend and as soon as I started having more fun the energy came on with it. 

I made a ton of sweets - and let the creative chaos reign! I've made three  kinds of fudge - these two are in the shortlist for the go to recipe. Caramels. Peppermint Bark. Candied Orange Sticks underway. 

I even saw a bit of my inspiration Willie Wonka this evening with my Christmas movie loving cousin and the delightfully soppy Mrs Miracle 2 with sock knitting in hand. This has been everything I could have wished the weekend before Christmas would be. Why is it so easy to get caught up in the must dos? Do the want tos shall be my new motto! 


Rose Red said…
Hurrah for Christmas fun and energy! And caramels! You made caramels with twisty paper and everything! You are my baking hero!
Lynne said…
Hurrah for a return of energy. Laughter and joy are great medicines for the soul! I wish you much joy this Christmas.
mooncalf said…
Doesn't the tree look lovely and sparkly this year? Such a good tree too!

All those sweets look delicious. I've never made fudge but I think it is best that I don't come to believe that I have an infinite supply - it is irresistible!
Rachel said…
Welp, i should have read this one first...so great you got the holiday spirit and energy (and wow, you accomplished a lot). And want to's should be the motto for everyone!
Anonymous said…
oh it looks like youve been very busy and creative! hope you have a great time!

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