2011 Collage

I'm rubbish at the lovely end of year posts I so like on other people's blogs but I was enjoying looking at my photos and found that what I think of as a year that missed out on its full craft potential was actually still quite delightfully crafty - and I learnt to crochet! And sew! (Almost!!) I found a Picasa collage feature and here's how it made 2011 look. Hope it's been a good year for you and wishing you a wonderful 2012.


Anita said…
Happy New Year Sarah,
Congratulations on learning to sew and crochet...well done!! See what 2012 brings you. Kind regards, Anita.
Anonymous said…
so many lovely things this past 12 months. heres hoping for even more in 2012!
Lynne said…
Happy New Year to you too!
Charity said…
Happy New Year to you, Sarah! :)
Rose Red said…
Yay for crochet and sewing! Happy happy new year to you!
behind the ivy said…
Happy New Year! Congrats on last year's new skills, hopefully 2012 will be just as full of fun craftiness!

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