Friday Feeling

Somehow we're at the weekend again - where is that pause button? I'm certainly trying to push firmly on it right now. I love love love the feeling when I finish work and have the whole weekend ahead of me. 
Today everything is aligned for the optimum Friday evening experience. It has been the most glorious weather here today. The moon was still showing in the fresh morning sky when I left for work and it has been my absolute, number one, favourite type of weather all day. Clear bright blue sky and sunshine with an apple fresh crispness to the air. More of the same forecast tomorrow I think. It's begging for a scrunch in some leaves.
I've got butternut squash and blue cheesey pasta in mind for supper, no doubt to be scoffed in front of an episode from The West Wing box set. I might even manage a row or two of knitting. Then we have little planned for this weekend, a lovely lunch out on Sunday and just lots of time to do what we fancy. It really stretches ahead of me waiting to be filled with whimsy. 


supertinks said…
I was taking photos of the moon this morning too!
Mary said…
That sounds like a perfect weekend.
Rose Red said…
Mmm lovely weekend plans! I was thinking at one point that today was Sunday. I was very excited when I remembered it was still Saturday! Yay for weekends!
You won my giveaway, Sarah! Can you please email me your address on xx
Charity said…
That is a wonderful feeling - I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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