How about rewind?

By Sunday night it was the rewind button I was after, I savoured my weekend but it still went past too fast. Ah well, happy memories made and it'll soon be Friday again.

On the crafting front there was a great discovery. The Mr is happy to sew in ends on granny squares! He's done most of them while we were sofa loafing. He even seems to quite enjoy it. Hurrah!
That left me free to begin sewing the squares together. I've loved making my squares in large part because of the fun of choosing of colour combinations and deciding who nestles next to who is more of the same kind of play. Sometimes it's easy to pick out the next one and at other times I found I needed to look from a distance or place a different one and come back to the gap in question to feel happy about settling neighbours in. It's growing from the centre out and I love having the squares spread out around to choose from but I'm wondering whether I should have left my final few squares to make based on the colours I wanted for the end spaces available. I have yarn of each colour still left so it might just end up as a larger blanket if the last few won't play nicely together!


Olivia said…
Congratulations on finding a willing assistant for the ends! that's brilliant.
DrK said…
oh how fantastic to have a willing end-er :) and yes, can we rinse and repeat please? where has 2011 gone already!
Unknown said…
Wow, how did you train him? Food, money? What was the bribe?
Rose Red said…
Wow, snaps to the Mr! (as long as he doesn't think sewing in the ends gives him first dibs on the finished blanket, heh!)
Lynne said…
How wonderful that the Mr is willing and able to join in with your crafting activities.
Rachel said…
How cool is it having a husband that will weave in ends...VERY! I have to choke back a laugh to think J would ever do that! ;) By the way...Hi!

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