So where were we..

.. ah yes I was off to Ghent - super beautiful weekend - look see:
The centre building there with the black umbrellas outside is the oldest building in Ghent from the 1200's, a grain store on the docks where the markets were held I think, now a swanky restaurant.
This folk museum used to be an almshouse where they sent old ladies to live out their days. There was a little flea market happening in front of it. 
Nina looking beautiful on our boat trip.

My visit coincided with a little festival celebrating the area of the city which contains lots of restaurants and bars.
 I love the ornate facades of so many of the buildings but this was my favourite.
It's hard to see on the photos but the centre of each flower was set with a light.

It's a city that loves it food and its beer. Lots of cafe culture, we stuck with it despite the lack of sun. As I'm just back from being cooked in Southern Germany for work (sorry forgot camera for that trip!) the cool and cloudiness of Belgium seems ideal. Here it's very rainy and cold but am hoping for better this weekend.
It's definitely a great city to visit, plenty of fun to be had as evidenced by the amount of stag and hen parties we saw on the Saturday - I loved the Smurfs best.
And my favourite souvenir was mainly courtesy of The Knitting Express - finished socks - yippee - Ravelled here.


marycatharine said…
Ha, a smurf stag party, wonder if that's what they were really going for. Looks like a wonderful weekend. The boat trip looks like a great way to see the city.
Lynne said…
Thanks for sharing - I love looking at other people's travel photos.

Those socks are lovely!
Spinster Beth said…
Ooooooh that looks like a wonderful city! They do love their windows, too!
Bells said…
oh my goodness a building from the 1200s? Now a swanky restaurant? LOVE!

What a gorgeous trip. Thank you for sharing your take on a place I've never seen!
Rose Red said…
When I am an old lady, I think I should like to retire in that almshouse! Fab photos, what a great weekend! And hurrah, new socks at the end!
Yarny Days said…
Those socks are beautiful! Love the stripes.

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