A perfect start to the weekend

I got away from work on time and the first sight that greeted me as I got out of the car was our front bed buzzing - four species of bumblebee (buff-, white- and red-tailed and the common carder) and about a dozen honey bees feasting on the lavender in the warmth of the afternoon sun. The noise was truly fabulous.
 I took so many blurry photos for just a few in focus, though sometimes blurry is best. This one below captures more about the feel of sitting on our path in the baking sun with winged creatures flying all round than any other shot I took. 
Then I headed out to the back garden to lay out my squares together to look at what colour combinations I should focus on to get a nice balance. When allowed the rare treat of choosing which colour I should add next my Mr always tells me to go for black and it's only seeing it on screen that I realise he's quite the expert colour adviser. The darker colours balanced with the light work much better from a distance. The squares like a red, yellow, orange combo that are my favourites close up are my least favourites when it's viewed as a whole.
I think I'm going to aim for 8x11 for a little blankie for a little lovely I know; though it might be that as I close in on 88 I decide to keep on going. A blanket the size of the throw underneath would be a treat but I'm already itching for other blanket projects so we'll see where we end up.


Rose Red said…
Yay for bumblebees!
And yay for crochet blanket! Love seeing it all laid out like that, it looks so fabulous!
Bells said…
you know the feeling I get from this post? Really beautiful warmth and peace in your garden - with bumblebees and crochet squares. Just lovely.
Lynne said…
Yep, a mixture of darks and lights helps make each other sing! Love what you're achieving.
marycatharine said…
You can name bee species? I'm incredibly impressed. Honestly I have no idea how wildlife photographers manage, any time I get a half decent picture of any animal at least 50 are deleted.
Atlantisetta said…
You´re right, from the distance it looks always better and I think, that all the colours you´ve chosen will fit together very good.
And I love bumblebees and lavender, too.
Anonymous said…
as much as i hate summer when its here, this post made me want to go lie outside on the grass. the squares are looking just gorgeous, i think start small so you dont get bored, you can also make a bigger one later.
behind the ivy said…
I'm jealous of all your garden bees! I miss ours, it's been nothing but rain rain rain for the past week so they're all in hiding.

The crochet squares are looking great! You're right about the colours - the black adds great contrast from a distance.

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