Ooh ooh sewing I love you! I just sewed a peplum! Peplum peplum peplum - love that word. It was a smidge fiddly. Doing the gathering and pinning I was wondering at the wisdom of this choice of project:
but now look:
Soooooo cute hey? This is just a couple of hours (spread over two evenings) work - hasn't my sewing improved?

I'm making the Summer Fun Playtop from one of the fab sewing books - One Yard Wonders - I got for my birthday - thank you to Fran for the gift and to Charity for the recommendation - it's the one skein wonders equivalent for sewing and it's great.

I'm a little stuck now as I haven't joined the edge seams of the back outer and lining and yet the only instruction left is for the buttonholes - hmmm. I decided it was time for a break and a google - there are errata here which is useful to know if anyone does use this book - can't see a correction so it may just be tired eyes reading the instructions wrong. Another good reason to have a rest I think! My googling did turn up this sew-along where they've just got to this top so hopefully I can nab some tips from there when they've made it and read up on other projects I'm planning on tackling.

Sock knitting for me this weekend - yes weekend even though it's only Thursday - yippee - day off work tomorrow and I'm off to Belgium on the Eurostar (or the Knitting Express) - to Ghent to see a lovely friend I haven't seen since last October. Ooh full of the joys of peplumming I'm going to bounce along! Wishing you all bouncey, flouncey weekends.


Spinster Beth said…
I hope you'll have some pictures of Belgium to share!

Lovely peplum. I adore the one-skein books, I imagine the one-yard book is just as fabulous!
Lynne said…
Very cute indeed. Hope you figure out what happens next. Enjoy your weekend in Belgium.
Rose Red said…
It's so cute!am sure you will work it out!

And the Knitting Express sounds fabulous! Love train trips for knitting.
Anonymous said…
oh so cute indeed! gorgeous colours. and so cool that you can just catch a train over to belgium. its only about a 20 hour flight from here :) have a great time!
Modelwidow said…
Well done you, your sewing skills are coming on in leaps and bounds. Thanks for the link to the book, it's rather tempting.
marycatharine said…
I hope your weekend in Belgium went well! Your sewing is so inspiring, I really need to learn how to sew garments.
Rachel said…
While I have no idea what a peplum is, I think your sewing looks fabulous! I've scrolled through all the posts I've missed and see you've been knitting and sewing like crazy this summer. And making a dress in a class!! When will that be finished (or did I miss a post or two?). Very cool stuff. Catch up with you again a bit later this fall when I get done my season!

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