Blimey an FO! That's the distinctive double hem actually framing my face up there and here's the rest of the hat keeping my head cosy in the March sunshine. It's glorious out there this afternoon but not much real warmth to add to the light yet.

Pattern: Tetsubou
Yarn: Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply - Teal
Started: February 7th 2011
Finished: March 5th 2011
Apparently I've been knitting this for just under a month. It feels longer, perhaps because I've not been knitting much else so I've only actually been knitting a tiny little bit each day. It's good to finish and to know again that all those little bits do make a difference. Stitch by stitch.
I'm a smidge disappointed with it overall. It's a little bit large - I carefully measured to work out what size I should make and then let fly without swatching. Sigh. The fabric on the 4.5mm needles I used for the straight section is a little loosey goosey (the 4mm dpn section is much nicer) and with the silk content of the yarn as well it's all a bit floppier than I hoped and dag nammit it doesn't instantly transform me in to an uber-stylish being! Still the colour makes up for a lot and it's still a super cool pattern. I just need to work on my super cool attitude, not pull it down too far and get the slouch slouching.

Or just enjoy the sunshine and flowers.
Thanks for sending your advance party spring, it's nice to have their company.
Though we're a little more wintry in our garden still. This is one half of the daffodils that have so far bloomed. 


Modelwidow said…
Very nice, such a gorgeous colour, and I shouldn't worry about guage seeming a bit loose, it looks great as it is.
I think you lool VERY stylish!! The hat is gorgeous...beautiful colour too x
Charity said…
I love the bright colour! :o)
Rose Red said…
I think you look very stylish too! Uber-stylish even! The double brim thingy really does frame your face well and I love the little detail at the back.

Look at all those daffodils! Gorgeous!
bells said…
oh it's dead cute. I think you're wearing it very stylishly and I adore the colour on you. I think it's perfect. :-)
Linda said…
Its lovely and it does look stylish, and thank you for all thise cheery flower pics too!
T. said…
The colour suits you!

Yeah for flowers and spring.
behind the ivy said…
Beautiful colour and hat! Love the double hem.
DrK said…
the colour and shine are breath taking, i think it suits oyu wonderfully!
Rachel said…
Personally I think it does make you uber-stylish. ;) I love it...the color and how you look in it. I took the pattern with me to Wyoming hoping to cast on but never had the time. Unfortunately, my fingers haven't been itching for wool lately (too much stress to want to knit) but as soon as they do I'll be casting on.
marycatharine said…
The colour looks fantastic on you. Isn't supposed to be slouchy? You look uber-stylish to me :)

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