Taking it slow

It was a weekend that was going to be all about catching up, well I suppose in one way it has been. I've slept so much this weekend that I hope the energy reserves are topping up nicely. In the meantime I and the weather were both feeling a little grey for a photo shoot for Levens which I finished this week so no modelled shots. Instead some modest sofa shots. For a project that was all about taking it slowly, being in the moment and not worrying about the end result this is somewhat fitting. It's about the stitches and here they are.
Pattern: Levens by Lily Kate France
Yarn: Dashing in Summer Days from Flamboyance Yarns
Needles: 5mm Circular
Started: March 24 2010
Finished: May 11 2010
Ravelry Page
I like the way this pattern is written. It's fairly simple once you get set on how the ruching works and stitch counts after each stage it is easy to be sure you're on track. The Dashing yarn from Flamboyance Yarns was a lovely yarn to work with. Very soft and springy, the plies are tight so no splitting issues. I love this colourway and think that the pattern is ideally suited to showing off a semi-solid colour. I'm really pleased with the drape when knit with larger needles. Panda feels that you can see the drape much better in this shot.
The slow motion I'm moving in has made hard to muster up enthusiasm for any of the active knits on the go. I'm to the stage on the socks and on Willie that require a little thought. Oof, too much for this weekend so I dug out an older FO - Patti - that is all about the stocking stitch.
I just about made enough notes to make picking this up easy but I must keep better notes when I'm in progress with a knit. I always think I'll make a comprehensive note of where to pick back up when I put something aside for a while but I never normally know that I'm putting something aside when I flit on to something more exciting! Ah well not much excitement here this weekend but hooray for the comfort of knitting.


Lea said…
I love that colour and what a great project. And I am the same with the notes - how do you know one evening that you won't be picking that project up for another 3 weeks? I come unstuck all the time!
Anonymous said…
sometimes mindless stocking stitch is a knitting life saver! i agree with panda about the drape too, it looks lovely!
Lynne said…
I love the colour you've chosen for Levens! So spring-like (as I sit here on a dark, grey, cold, late autumn day!)
Caffeine Girl said…
It is always important to have a mindless project on the ready. I know I need mine on a frequent basis!
Bells said…
oh isn't that a sweet pattern? I haven't really noticed it before. Go the slow. It's good to have a slow weekend.
Charity said…
This is so pretty, Sarah - I love it! Such a great colour. :o)
Linda said…
Levens is lovely Sarah. That is now a contender for my holiday knit and some of the great sock yarn I have! :)
dreamcatcher said…
Absolutely gorgeous! Love the photo with Panda :-)
t does wool said…
what a beautiful color Sarah...and slow is wonderful...
Gidgetknits said…
I love that little kick in the design and the colour... fantastic. I've been doing mindless stocking stitch for a few weeks now. It is keeping me sane.
It's a great idea to have a knitting notebook. I started one years ago but couldn't keep it up (rats!).

Beautiful knitting!
Rachel said…
Gorgeous blue color! I relish slow when I find it...we all should.

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