A Bonus Knit & Crochet Week Post

Thank you so much to Eskimimi for organising the fun of Knit & Crochet Blog Week. It's quite a different experience blogging on pre-set topics. Certainly the only way I could ever keep to a daily posting schedule. There was one subject that my beloved thought should have been one of the topics for the week so I thought I'd better fulfil his wish as he rarely gets anything knitted for him and he along with The Panda* are truly my:

Favourite Knitting Companions

They may not knit but they are there by my side through thick and thin. Endless conversations (monologues?) about circulars v straights, the relative merits of Merino over Shetland or whether something might just block out okay. The pleas for measuring the drop from the nape of my neck to my armpit, the patterns and yarn swamping my lap and her seat, the trips to yarn shops (that last nearly as long as the trips to record shops), the endless boxes full, cupboards full, lumps under the doormat that are all more yarn.

These two bear it all with such grace and sometimes even enthusiasm. Through years of dedication to the cause they have justly earned the title of "favourite knitting companions".

*It should be noted that I do indeed have a favourite of my two cats as the other one has decided she loves my next door neighbours more than us and only comes back for her food. If it weren't that she is approximately 911 in cat years I'd swear she was a teenager.


Rose Red said…
aw, sweet!! And what a cute picture. My husby always reckoned he hated cats, but as soon as we got one he was won over and spoiling her immediately!
Bells said…
nice bonus post! I love it. Makes me wish (almost) that I had a kitty to discuss knitting issues with! Love the pic.
T. said…
Adorable! And you can have a favorite - you're allowed.
Lynne said…
What a great theme - they both deserved the post you wrote.

I also have two knitting companions -WM and DD; he is very supportive in my yarn accumulation and storage habits as well as occasional discussions about my knitting; but she's even better because she also knits and therefore responds thoughtfully and appropriately!
Linda said…
Both lovely knitting companions, especially the furry one!

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