I'm enjoying a few different challenges at the moment. There's an afterthought leg to think about for one. One of things I hoped for from my sock club was a push out of my comfort zone of top down, heel flap, wedge toe socks. This sock does that trick just fine and it's all going swimmingly so far. Am loving the bud pattern for variegated yarns.

Underlying everything is the ME recovery programme - just about two months in I'm definitely making progress, though sometimes overwhelmed at how hard it is to change bad mental habits I am feeling consistently better than I have for a very long time. Which you know. is. GOOD.

My other big challenge is knitting related - a City and Guilds Creative Studies home study course - it's a bit tough to fit much work on this in at the moment but I am excited by how this will help develop my knitting and perhaps designing too.

Which leads me on to a little challenge I'm hoping to get to grips with soon. A little while ago there was a comment about the tea cosy design competition that is part of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Blooming Great Tea Party fundraising campaign. To be honest tea is normally drunk too quickly to warrant a tea cosy in this house but they are fabulous things so I'm going to attempt a design - perhaps something Fair Isle-ish? Perhaps I won't just stop at one, perhaps I'll become the tea cosy queen of Oxford.

Anything seems possible when you come home from work and it's warm enough to sit in your outdoor knitting spot and enjoy the plum blossom above your head. It's later this year though just as lovely. Wasn't it only yesterday that it was dark when I got home?


Bells said…
Well aren't you jut a Busy Bee! I had a look at the course. Good stuff!

And I think it's thrilling that you are embarking, even in a small way, on design. Go for it. I'll be keen to see what eventuates! Do fair isle!
Lynne said…
Good to hear the ME program is going well for you. Dr has told me it's ok to go back to work two days a week. Not sure that I want to! LOL
Anonymous said…
i would LOVE to see a fair isle tea cosy, what a great idea! and that course looks like heaps of fun. its lovely to be able to sit out in the sun and knit here too as it finally starts sending some heat your way! enjoy :)
Rose Red said…
I think fair isle is perfect for a teacosy - you get the double thickness to really keep the pot warm, as well as the fun of a small project!

Isn't it great to be able to observe the weather changing - although of course here it means pulling out the winter pjs and socks! (not that I'm complaining!)
Kyoko said…
So nice to hear your good progress for your ME recovery program. Keep up with the good vibe! :D I am currently having a "holiday withdrawal syndrome" but I will be fine once I have my needles and yarn (LOL!)
I LOVE the CG certificate course! I want to do it too :D What a great idea.
Hope you have a lovely weekend (fingers crossed that it will be nice and sunny).
Gidgetknits said…
I'm just enjoying the toe of your sock... is it weird to comment that that is such a pretty toe?
Rachel said…
Sounds like you have some great things going on in life right now. And so glad to hear that while challenging, your recovery program is still going well and you are feeling better!!

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