And repeat

Yesterday was quite the replay of last weekend's 'activities'. Some new flowers to enjoy, both the old favourites and some new imports, like this spiky exotic variety of my cottage garden-y favourite aquilegia , which I found at a car boot sale.
Special groupings - like this little clump of Cornish spring transported from Mama's to mine last year and blooming weeks later here than in the milder climate of her garden and this pathside patch of violets and forgetmenots that nature sowed.Some different blossom to look forward to when the plum tree confetti has all fallen.
Today the sun is just starting to make its way through the grey, so perhaps we'll have a another repeat today too. Sitting in that seat, knitting in hand, with flowers blooming around me, bees buzzing, all the stress of the week ebbs away and energy flows in. So many kinds of bliss.
I could handle a repeat every weekend until it's time to put the patio furniture away but never fear I'll manage to write about other things too. I thought I'd join in with the Eskimimi Knits organised Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.
I know I'd never manage a month of blogging every day but a week with set topics sounds like the scale of challenge I might be up to, we'll see! Hope lots of you are joining in too.


Caffeine Girl said…
Thanks for letting us know about Knit & Crochet Blog Week! It looks like fun. I hope a lot of bloggers jump on the bandwagaon!
Marianne said…
I LOVE seeing photos of your Spring blossoms :^) One day my bleeding hearts will be large like yours and my white ones are now blooming! as are my da's (transplanted to my beds) lily of the valley. :^)
Kyoko said…
You have such a wonderful garden. I bet knitting there is such a lovely experience. I can see the kitty cat totally enjoying the moment :D
Kit & Crochet Blog week sounds really fun. I must check it out.
Happy knitting!
Lynne said…
What a lovely way to spend the weekend - who cares if it's a repeat? ;-)

Looking forward to reading a post a day for the next week.
Knit and crochet blog week? I'd no idea. Where do we find out the rules?
T. said…
Sounds like the BEST way to spend a weekend.
raining sheep said…
Oh that just looks all so lovely. I can't wait till the weather is nice enough to sit outside. So hard to be back here and at work.
Anonymous said…
sigh, such a lovely, relaxing looking backyard. and im off to checkout this knitblogweek thing too!
Bells said…
Green! Spring! Life! Wonderful. :-)

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