But is it cursed?

With the WOW extravaganza going on over at RoseRed's place I thought I'd get my own bit of the starting buzz and cast on for Patti finally.

This has been a long dreamed over project, I think it was last year that I hunted down the pattern book then I stalked the yarn on Ebay and as a carrot to finishing some other projects I swatched for her a couple of months ago.

Last month I cast on and fairly soon thereafter wanted to fling her across the room as I was using straight needles too short for the 200 odd stitches and stitch markers that kept flipping themselves off the stitches. This is the state the beloved calls '"when knits go bad", when all thoughts of knitting as a peaceful, relaxing, centring hobby seem ridiculous and it is is best if he keeps very quiet and does not say "oh is it not going well?". So rather than fight on I gathered what shreds of patience I have and ordered the right size needle tips for my interchangeables and some of those dandy little Clover locking stitch markers.

As I sat this week and started the casting on again I was already drafting a little blog post in my mind about using the right tools for the job and how swimmingly it all goes when you're properly prepared. Perhaps that was what distracted me and explains why I cast on 100 too many stitches. £xh*7!£%$!

Felted Tweed is not easy to pull back as the fibres cling together with all their might. That feeling of wanting to fling her across the room was back again, cats looked up nervously from their slumbers as I tried to pull the stitches back and pulled the yarn apart instead. Still I got over that hurdle okay by cutting the yarn at the right number and then split splicing the working yarn back on and off I went on the first couple of rounds, stitches flowing, calm returning until crunch......needle in two pieces!

The lovely ladies of Get Knitted have got a replacement needle charging over on a white horse as I type but really, dare I knit on or is this project destined to send me round the bend?


mooncalf said…
You're clearly getting all the bad bits out of the way at the beginning of the project. An excellent plan! Then all you have to look forward to is hours of plain sailing enjoyable knitting :)
Charity said…
Yikes. I hope the third time's the charm for you! :o)
Rachel said…
Ouch. Been there, done that. But it's a beautiful pattern (I hadn't seen it before and it really is lovely!) and so I think you should forge ahead. Maybe mooncalf is right...all the bad bits are now over and it'll be smooth sailing the rest of the way!
Bells said…
ooh this is a toughie. I wonder..... I am going to say stick with it because you may find you're able to overcome adversity and end up with something you adore. Surely the best things in life are hard won? Or is that just what we say when a process truly sucks, to make ourselves feel better?
Leonie said…
cursed? no
challenged? yes
worth it in the end? absolutely
Linda said…
Gosh. Keep going with it. I have had knitting troubles lately too but it all comes right in the end.
DrK said…
i think keep going. if in doubt, i keep going until im absolutely sure its not going to work. i have to give it everything, or it ends up haunting me! and i do think it will be worth it.
Rose Red said…
Oh noes! I was going to say Huzzah for catching the cast on bug, but this is not good ... although bad luck comes in threes, I think you've had your 3 now, so the rest should be fine!! (fingers crossed for you!)
Anonymous said…
Oh no, what bad luck. I use Knit Pro for everything i knit and only once has any of my tips broken and that wasn't actually by me. I'd lent one set of tips to a friend. So I'm sure hte break was just a freakish accident. you'll be fine from now on. Good luck.
T. said…
I think all your troubles are behind you and the project will be trouble-free from now on (maybe???)

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