An Ode for Patti

There once was a cardi named Patti,
The start of the knit was quite ratty,
Then the karma got shifted,
The curse it was lifted
And our friend the knitter felt less batty.


T. said…
YEAH for uncursed knitting - GO PATTI!!!
Charity said…
Very cute, Sarah! :o)

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, now!
marycatharine said…
That's great... knitting un-cursed what could be better than that?
DrK said…
hehe. hope the good karma holds out!
The Blonde Duck said…
And I thought I was the only one that wrote odes! How lovely!
raining sheep said…
Hahahahahahahahaha! I love it. Very clever, most excellent.
Linda said…
Thats fab! I am glad it is going better.
Anonymous said…
this is sooo gorgeous!!!!so is your blog!
Rachel said…
Very cute! SO glad that you've gotten pass the cursed stage and are enjoying the knit again!

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