Twin Peaks

Le Tour is nearly over (sob) and it looks like my two favourite riders, Wiggins and Armstrong, are going to have to scrap it out for a podium place. I have a weekend away booked with no tv or net coverage so from lunchtime today there's going to be a media blackout until Sunday evening when I can watch all three ITV4 highlights programmes in one sitting. The ITV4 coverage has been so entertaining again this year and the race itself has been so exciting, I'm sure I'll have withdrawal symptoms when it's all over.

My own personal polka dot jersey efforts were looking a bit lacklustre with just the Moonlight mountain ascended so last night I claimed two more peaks.
Pattern: Baktus
Yarn: The Natural Dye Studio Blue Faced Leicester 4ply/Sock - Aqua Ice
Needles: 3.75mm Bamboo Straights
Started: 4 June 2009
Finished: 23 July 2009

Pattern: Macaroon Purse Kit - Raspberry Sundae
Yarn: Jamiesons Shetland Heather
Needles: 4.5mm circular needle
Started: 18 June 2009
Finished: 23 July 2009

I knit on the Baktus scarf for my team time trial (and managed a much more respectable 1,700 stitches by watching a less distracting repeat of the rest day coverage) and at the end of that (the sections between the red wool) thought I could just kick on to the end. Part way through I gave my arms a break and tackled the purse, right mental attitude this time and it went together without any swearing :o) Thanks for the great kit and encouragement Kyoko.
So in love with both of these items. I've hopes of finishing Lady E this weekend as my own personal Ventoux, bonne chance all fellow tour knitters - enjoy the run in to Paris.

PS - Hardly any photos taken for the scarf shoot, many more for Moonlight - want an out-take or two Teri?


Bells said…
ha ha love your funny shots! :-)

Well done on that purse especially. That's just too cute!
Rose Red said…
I'm with Bells - the purse is SO CUTE! Good work on finishing those wips! I call it a succesful tour for you!

And hey, England won a game of cricket, your guys are near the top, my guy Cadel is not (sob) so the stars are aligned for you!!
mooncalf said…
Lovely scarf and purse. You've really inspired me to make a purse like that - it looks so good with the clasp. I'll add it to my to-do list... one day :)
Marianne said…
You are so funny.
Great Baktus and that purse is just the prettiest! wow.. and well done!
love the last photo!
Marie said…
The clutch purse looks fantastic! I love how it came out. Congrats on sticking with it.
Charity said…
It's great that this KAL is so motivating to you - I'm impressed! Have a wonderful time away! :O)
Baktus looks great, and I just love the purse!! Great outtake shots, too :) I hope you have a great weekend!
marycatharine said…
Your last shot is hilarious! The little purse is so cute, it's great you figured out the framing and everything worked out on the second try.
T. said…
Thanks for the out-takes!! I'm laughing over here!
(and you can be a Honourary Rogue Knitter!!).
Good luck with Lady E.
Anna said…
I love the purse, it's adorable! Well done on getting that and the baktus finished.

(Great outtakes too...)
Tusa said…
Oh... Nicework! Well done you. That purse...
dreamcatcher said…
Love the purse and the Baktus!
Anonymous said…
I love the purse, fab!
Kai said…
Love Moonlight and your Baktus looks lovely and squishy! Love the purse too. :)
Lea said…
oh how lovely - I hope you got to see the end of the tour
blog-blethers said…
What a lovely purse! It's great.

Really like the out-takes ... they always make me smile. Worryingly, they are still way better than many of my 'proper' shots!!
Linda said…
Your knits are great aren't they and you shpuld be so pleased with the purse!
Rachel said…
Congrats for finishing so many of your goals. I'm impressed! Both knits looks great!
Kyoko said…
Hurray! You have made the purse absolutely beautifully!! :D Congratulations ;D
I also love the scarf. Garter triangular scarf would probably be very useful during the winter. I might make one for myself too. You have really motivated me to knit more!
amanda said…
That purse is so cute!

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