Socks I Love: FO

No I've not suddenly started knitting super fast and rattled off one of my Socktober projects. The FO love is for the Honeybees which have been done since before the holidays but were awaiting photographing as this glorious yellow is mighty hard to capture. Love for these socks may be official because it's Socktober but it's not unconditional love. I am not head over heels for these tricky customers and a lot of the issue is with those heels.

Pattern: Honeybee Socks
Yarn: Oxford Kitchen Yarns Sock - bit under a full skein
Needles: Trusty Harmony DPNs - 2.25mm
Started: 25 March 2008
Finished: 13 September 2008
Notes: I think these have convinced me that standard show row heels and toes for toe ups are not for me, second go and I'm still not happy with the fit around the heel and the length of the toes. Allow me to demonstrate:

Gappy and baggy heelWay too long before the pattern starts on toes
Still it is very hard to argue with the beauty of the stitch pattern which necessitates them being knit toe up. I think I just need to find some alternative toe up toes and heels to drop into patterns like this to get a look and fit I would be happier with.
The one mod I did make was in the cuff. When I cast off the first one I was very upset to find I couldn't get it over my heel and promptly stuck it in time out for a long while. When I was feeling less sulky with it I unpicked the cast off and redid the cuff as a simple 1x1 rib which I think works fine though probably should be a little more generous, actually another repeat or two of the pattern is probably what I would really enjoy here.

So you see the path of love has not run smooth with these little ones but at the end of the day those beautiful bees and the rich gold, fabulous yarn make them hard not to love. This yarn really bloomed after washing. It feels a little prickly and rough whilst knitting which actually helps to hold the stitches in place if you drop them and now it feels soft and snuggly; what a perfect sock yarn. It's the first time I've knit with Blue Faced Leicester wool and I would go back for more for sure, also the natural dyes used seem to hold well through hand washing and I just love having this sunshine on my feet.


T. said…
I think the colour of yarn is perfect with the pattern.
Charity said…
Those are really beautiful!!

No matter how hard I've tried, I simply can't make myself like a short row heel or toe. :0)
Chronic Ennui said…
Great socks. I've never seen that pattern before, and the color is just beautiful. It reminds me of chamois. Lovely.
Veronique said…
Oh, those bees are just precious!
Lynne said…
Very pretty yarn, colour and pattern.

Socks can be a little bit tricky at times, can't they? The proper fit is so necessary for comfort!
Amanda said…
This is a beautiful pattern and the yarn works perfectly with it!

I haven't done toe up or short row though, so would find them a little scary to knit!
Rose Red said…
I'm still to perfect the short row heel, but I think Cat Bordhi's wrap technique might help me (I hope so anyway).

Love the sunshiny yellow honey bees - perfect colour for this pattern!
Michelle said…
I love the yarn and the pattern. What a shame the heel didn't work out for your foot! Still looks lovely though.
Bells said…
Definitely sunshine on your feet. Anyone with eyes can see that. But oh what a complicated mish mash of elements that didn't quite match up.

You've gone and put me off toe ups for longer. I was nearing ready to try but nope, not this year!
Curly Cable said…
Lovely socks, The colour is gorgeous and so is the pattern, It a shame the heel didn't work as well as you liked, I don't likeding short row heels either, they were used on the Solstice Slips I made and my heel is really baggy. Definately heel flaps is the way to go, but nethertheless your Honeybees are fab :)
Marianne said…
I'm with you totally on the stitch pattern for the bees, sweeeet. Those are such lovely socks! I'm charmed AND smitten with the colour and loved hearing about the bloom into softness.
Call me an old fashioned woman but I do love my heel flaps... I know there are patterns out there, toe up with heel flaps but... I don't mind cuff downs at all.
Well knit!
Knitted Gems said…
These socks look great. I love the pattern detail on the socks and the color. It's a shame they don't fit properly.
Rachel said…
I can see your issue with the heel but that pattern and the yarn you chose to go with it are beautiful. Good job!
Anonymous said…
I never wear yellow, but I do love the idea of wearing sunshine on your feet! Shame about the pattern though, it looks like it's almost really brilliant. I love the stitch pattern, and I am a fan of short row heels, but here the two don't seem to fit comfortably together.

They still look beautiful though!
Kath said…
I love those socks!! The pattern is great, the colour lovely as for the short row heel? Well, I'd try just to put it behind me! LOL! Sorry - I know what you mean - I'm not keen on a short row heel and can't seem to get a good looking heel with them :( but never mind - no one will see the heel once your shoes are on!

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