Blogs I Love II - The Links

The title should be said by voice over man: "It's Blogs I Love, the sequel, this time it's about the links." Some blogs belong together in my mind you see, when you write about one you want to write about the other.

It felt quite wrong to mention Bells without mentioning Rose Red - these partners in crime organise the Southern Summer of Socks together and have a delicious Nigella blog they share - Mouthfuls of Heaven.

Rose Red Shoes

I found Rose Red after I saw a rather lovely shoe avatar popping up in people's comments and had to check out the blog of the owner of such a beautiful thing. Rose Red shares more of her AMAZING shoe collection every Shoesday and in between shows us gorgeous knits (sometimes with the daring use of stunt buttons) and flashes her awesome yarn collection including much alpacky.

Knitting to Stay Sane
Glenna's blog was the one that started all this wonderfulness for me. I was loving her Ivy design in Knitty and followed the link to her blog and, well, it's clear enough what happened next! Glenna makes a lot of sweaters, very well, tackles any new technique with ease and with helpful hints and then throws in a few designs for good measure. Her book reviews are always fabulous as befits someone who started the Ravelry group and read-a-knit-a-long: Knitting 20th Century Novels.

Under the Influence
Glenna's twin sister blogs here and is always working on something lovely. Initially she seemed very resistant to the development of a stash but the unusual trait is being gradually smooshed out of her by beautiful yarn crying out for a home. Martha's photos, in particular her cityscapes, are always fabulous and she writes many an amusing post. Conversations with a recalcitrant Icarus spring to mind.

Artis Anne
Living in the beautiful countryside of Wales, Anne is a lady who isn't afraid of sheep! She doesn't hang back and just knit the yarn, she's not shy of getting in there right from the start with an unwashed fleece. Her adventures with her Guilds are always fun to read about, as are her adventures with her daughter:

Kath's Krafty Kreations
Kath and Anne have set up their own Etsy shop together: Mam a Mi and their dyeing skills are now being put to a very good use. Kath started knitting properly when she became a mum and as well as her virtual shop she works in a bricks and mortar yarn shop. Somehow she also fits in actual knitting. Kath and Anne share the same avatar - a beautiful photo of Kath learning to knit as a little girl. I'm looking forward to when Kath's daughter Emily gets going with the needles and blogging!

Baad Medicine
I met Teri during this year's Tour de France KAL when she took charge of our team wonderfully and forgave me for not finishing my beret on time. Teri's blog is two for the price of one as T and J share a blog. Both are very enthusiastic knitters: T is not just creating a pile of Christmas gifts she's going for a cloud and J didn't let advanced pregnancy stop her from attacking her knitting with scissors, oh more scary steeking!


Marianne said…
You already know I'm a huge fan of both Glenna and Martha, in fact, Glenna's blog was one of the first I 'dipped my toes' and left comments.
Yep... her blog brought me to yours via your comments there, love how it all works!
Glenna C said…
You are too sweet! ::smooch::
I think your blog has grown into a lovely spot all on its own, so kudos to you too :)
Sarah said…
You were nearly in this collection along with Kelly, Marianne - the problem with the linking idea was that all the blogs are linked really aren't they? From one to another in a big chain of happy knittiness :o)
Bells said…
Awww.....RoseRed and I laugh about how we are sometimes seen as a job lot. We love it!

Lovely new links for me to check out!
Unknown said…
Oh, thank you for the shout-out! Wow. I just have to, um, post something soon because I'm way behind.

Thanks for your blog posts which are always a treat.
florencemary said…
What great posts these are, me dear - doing a bit of a blog-review for each! I also visited Glenna's blog via Ivy, and I agree totally with what you say; she's an inspiration! And Anne and Kath (I've just bought some laceweight from their Etsy store and it's superb)...

I do think that knit-blogging (?probably any blogging) has 'meaning'. When I privatised my blog, some people said, but it's just a blog, what's the problem? But I think quite a few people put their heart and soul into it.

Regards, the pontificatory one xxx
Kath said…
Oh thank you hon for the lovely review - not that I've done much lately! Will endevour to post and make it worthy of your praise! Don't think Emily is quite at the stage of knitting yet but at least she plays with my stash a lot!! Hansel and Gertel should follow her lead - a trail of yarn is far better to follow!
raining sheep said…
Wow, this is great. These are new blogs to me so I will have to go and check them out.
Rose Red said…
Bells said it already - she and I are a job-lot!! Thanks for the shout-out and also the other blogs - which all sound great - even more for me to read every day!!
blog-blethers said…
Thanks for the wonderful links and blog recommendations:o) More great reading and inspiration....
Rachel said…
All these are new to me! Thanks for the links!
T. said…
Thanks for the sweet sweet words! I love reading about knitters from everywhere - and you have helped to expand that world for me - Thanks!!
Artis-Anne said…
Aw thank you, you are so kind and thanks for the other links too

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