Summer Knitting

This scarf is winning my award for the perfect summer knit at the moment. It's a pleasure to knit in warmer weather as the cotton/rayon blend of the Giotto is light on the hands and it's a great gift for the summer birthdays that abound in my clan. I've felt a bit odd when I've given even small woolly items in the warmer weather as I like to imagine the recipient to be able to use their gift straightway. Bags are the other good option but I haven't yet really embraced bag knitting after I got all hot and bothered over the felting of one last August.

This scarf is Mama's but because it only took one skein (and I promise I wasn't a meanie) I have another waiting in the wings. If it is half as big a hit as last year's offering I shall be stacking up the daughterly brownie points. I'm already feeling rather smug as it's not due to be gifted until the start of July; nice not to be late for once!

Pattern: Morning Surf Scarf
Yarn: Colinette Giotto - Rose Garden
Needles: 9mm wooden straights
Started: 6 April 2008

Finished: 21 May 2008
Modifications: 26 stitch size
Notes: Lovely simple pattern which creates a perfect effect to show off the ribbon yarn.

A less summer friendly knit is the 100% wool Moonlight but I've really tried to persevere with this one as it got hibernated last summer to wait for colder weather but didn't get woken up soon enough!

I'm finally to the blocking and seaming stage and hope to get straight on with it this weekend. This potential reduction in WIPS is positively scary!


Kai said…
Love the scarf! And I know what you mean about gifting handknits at times when they may feel like they're 'not needed'. Not into bags either.

Good luck with the blocking and seaming! :)
Rose Red said…
Good job on getting the scarf finished so early - it looks great! My poor mum is still waiting for a lace shawl I started for her in about April last year - and I'm only 1/3rd of the way through it!! Oh dear!
Marianne said…
That scarf is beyond lovely... racking up the brownie points, you're so sweet. :^)
Charity said…
Beautiful scarf! And nice work on Moonlight - it's a pretty sweater! :0)
Modelwidow said…
Lovely scarf, it must feel great to have it all ready and avoid the last minute rush. Well done for persevering with Moonlight despite the weather
florencemary said…
Both knits are lovely, Sarah! Doesn't that Surf pattern look good! I've not yet knitted it, but I have it on the back burner...

And the Moonlight cardi is really cute - but 'blocking and seaming'? Eeuurgh - surely not over the bank holiday?!
Linda said…
That is such a pretty scarf. I gifted mt seafoam scarf and it was well recieved. :)
raining sheep said…
Very pretty scarf. I love the pinks in it...your mom is a lucky mom!! I really need to knit something pink soon...I feel in a pink mood...must be spring.
Knitted Gems said…
This scarf is so pretty! I love the color and the dropped stitches.
dreamcatcher said…
What a lovely scarf! I have a skein of Giotto going spare if you'd like it, let me know :-)

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