Recommend a book

There's a lovely blog contest over at One Scheme of Happiness. In return for some recommendations of summer reading you can be entered for a lovely selection of prizes - including one of those lovely Schrodinger sock cubes.

My summer reading? It's the Anne of Green Gables series - just finished the first :o)


Marianne said…
She is so cute!
Have you decided on more?
raining sheep said…
I am so pulling out my books. I have not read them for years and they were my favorite as a young girl. I love your cute Anne :)
Rose Red said…
I must read them again too. I'd really like to buy them all, I've only got Anne and Rilla (which I remember loving the first time I read it!)
SueJ said…
What a nice idea! Thanks for the link. I made three off the cuff suggestions and have already thought of lots I could have reccomended. One book from my childhood I have to re-read every so often is 'Little Women'!

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