Project Spectrum - The End of Part One

Time does something funny at the start of the year, January takes forever to slog through and then February and March are over in the blink of an eye. Somehow we're already at the end of the first element for Project Spectrum - so it's time to say farewell to fire and welcome to earth for April and May.

I've enjoyed my PS project knits and the inspiration that focusing in on the colour has brought - most recently evidenced in my finishing of the cabled cardigan. The Spicy colourway could have been designed for this colour block. I've also managed one of the fronts of Moonlight and more work planned on that for April.

The man socks from February were the designated PS fire knit and they have brought much welcome warmth in the past two months. Lovely as the shades of Jitterbug are though I feel there is a warning here for me to not focus solely on colour when choosing a yarn. I get swept away by the colourways Colinette offer but am disappointed by the washability of this apparently machine washable sock yarn. For me it leaches colour at each careful hand wash and although the colours of the socks remain strong it does mean you can't wash it with anything else. The wearability is also a little questionable - perhaps better for a gentler stepper than my one true beloved when you look at the beating the heels have taken on these. Au revoir my eye of partridge heel!

I have also very much enjoyed collecting up my colour inspired photos for the end of each post. I've found myself being much more aware of the amount of colour around me and it's been a real delight to see past the grey/brown blur I associate with winter here to the greater range of colours inside and out or to pull out some colour from the archives when needed.The difference in the great outdoors in the last couple of months is very marked; at the start of February finding living things to capture on camera in the warm shades required was a definite challenge and was not often in flower form. These beautiful berries proved that it was there when I looked for it but there was not an abundant choice.

Now the flowers are really starting to pop up all over and the pink tones in particular are easy to see and enjoy. My bleeding hearts are nearly in full bloom already. I know you'll enjoy these Marianne :o)

Looking ahead to April and May the shades for the earth element are green, brown and metallics.

have just received some delightful green Shibui sock yarn in Seaweed (amongst other shades) so I think a pair of green socks will be on the needles shortly.

My main project is going to be something I've been thinking about for an age. Ysolda's Cloud Bolero pattern has been a long time favourite of mine and I've be
en meaning to knit a sparkly, silver number for a friend of mine in this Patons Spritz I bought almost when I first started knitting. Seems like PS will be the perfect reason to cast on.


Marianne said…
Oh.. I don't know... seems like these first three months have flown.. I've really been enjoying all your reds, and you know already how much I like that cabled cardi!
Looking forward to the earth tones, I'm already loving that Seaweed sock yarn colour!
YES! Drooling over your Bleeding Hearts... aaaahhhh... I need to check at mom's, see if my old ones are coming up.. I also need to find some for my 'new' yard, they're not as easy to find as one might think, being an old fashioned type but I do love them so, I want to find some white as well as the pink. wish me luck :^)... and thank you for the photo, brought a huge smile to my being.
raining sheep said…
Amazing that we are already coming on to April. I think you will enjoy the ShiBui yarn - you know I am a big fan. I love your fire collage and I must say I am looking forward to shooting some earth pics over the next couple of months.
Rose Red said…
Mmm, love the lovely reds!
Kai said…
I love all your lovely photos. :)

PS is obviously working out really well for you. Well done!
Linda said…
You did well for project spectrum, not like me!! I like all your photos.
florencemary said…
What a lovely reflection on colour, Sarah!

I have a newly-knitted pair of socks, where the yarn (not Colinette) is also bleeding profusely - what a drag, eh? And I also have a heel-beater!

Can't believe how far on your bleeding heart is - our flowers are a way off yet, but this is what comes of living in colder climes to yours...

Love your Mum's cardi!
Bells said…
what beautiful work you've done - a wonderful array. I was tempted to join in but am just as happy watching from teh sidelines and admiring all the work.

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