Clinging to the Knits

These are the knitted things that have kept me going this week.

In the wearing and even the washing - so much comfort

In the creating - achievement in finally mastering a new technique
Yes indeed, that is not just a small bit of knitting, that is a small bit of knitting with a small bit of crochet attached and yes, the crochet is UNZIPPING! My provisional cast on actually undoing like it should. It wouldn't unzip last sock because I knit into the wrong bit of the crochet loop. This time round I looked at many pictures but it was still mighty tricky to tell which bit was the bump on the back for this non-crocheter. In the end I would knit a few stitches in, try and unzip, crochet a bit more, repeat until I felt sure I knew I was aiming at the right bit. For the record I tried and failed at both Judy's Magic Cast On and a looped cast on. Many times. Watch out though cast ons I'll be back. One day.

In the nearing completion - anticipation
Here is a pile of of all the pieces of the Cabled Christmas Cardigan and right on queue here is a weekend in which to block them.

Hope it promises to be a good one for you.


Janey said…
Isn't it a great feeling when something that you just can' do suddenly clicks? Well done on mastering the provisional cast on!

That cabled cardi looks fab...looking forward to seeing the finished article!
Marianne said…
Hee, feeling pretty clever now, aren't you :^) Good going!
Hey... where'd that apple come from?
The cabled cardi is such a pretty colour... now step up, get it blocked and finished... :^)

Your rosy buns are very pretty... that sounded a bit 'odd', didn't it, you know what I'm talking about... I'll have to give that recipe a try.
Charity said…
Yay! That successful unzipping can make you feel so clever! :0) Love the pile of cardi pieces - enjoy working on them this weekend!
Rose Red said…
Yay you for unzipping! I'm quite scared by the idea of a provisional cast-on. Will have to give it a whirl one day!

(I love washing hand-knit socks. One of the most enjoyable things in the world. Even if I have to hand-wash them, which I usually dislike).
dreamcatcher said…
Congrats on mastering the provisional cast-on! Not done one properly yet myself but soon ...

Look forward to seeing te cardi!
Linda said…
Well done on mastering that, I can't do it. I need to practise! The cabled knit looks lovely.
florencemary said…
I've never managed to unzip a provisional cast-on properly, so I will bear in mind your advice about stitching into the 'right' bumps! I had suspected it was me doing something wrong...

All the knits look good - have a happy weekend cuddling them all!
Bells said…
My first provisional cast on ripped out pretty well too. I never really believed it would and it did! Well done!
Congratulations on learning a new technique! I haven't tried a provisional cast on yet.

Can't wait to see the finished Cabled Cardigan :)
raining sheep said…
Sarah, I love the colors on that cardigan. I am looking forward to seeing that all put together. I love pink...never wear it in clothes but I seem to be making a ton of socks in pink.
Artis-Anne said…
My you are learning so much , well done you :)and I love the colour of our cabled cardi and look forward to seeing it sewn up.

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