Socktoberfest 2007

So it's the official month of socky love - I only started sock knitting last November so this is the first October I've had to turn into a Socktober and I'm really looking forward to it.I've tried to limit my ridiculous ambitions of knitting more socks than there are days in the month to something achievable within the month. My aims are to finish up the Esthers and get to work on the LoveMeKnots which I'm more than a bit scared of as they are toe ups and I thought I'd try and expand my horizons beyond dpns and magic loop them as this is the technique the pattern is written for.

Bravery at the ready I got the yarn out yesterday but then saw that I need to teach myself crochet to do the provisional cast on, that was one leap too far so I thought I'd save that learning curve till the weekend! However it might have to be next weekend as on Saturday I'm doing a class at Loop on finishing - maybe trying to learn about starting in the same weekend would cause some malfunction and cancelling out in my brain :o)

Anyway as you can see above Socktoberfest has got me past the procrastination on the toe of my first Esther. I get all ready for kitchenering the sides together then get stuck as I never have the instructions to hand and in my head I think it will be harder than it is. My aim for the next one is to kitchener it straight off when I get there. No room for dallying in Socktober!

Socks will not be my only projects though; there is too much else hanging around in the unfinished pile and too many gifts on the list. Tonight I rattled through the last rows of my little scarf from LMKG to get one off the needles and on to its mission to comfort. Pattern: Airy Scarf from LMKG
Yarn: Rowan Kid Silk Haze; 1/2 ball of Liqueur
Needles: 6mm Bamboo Straights
Started: 27 September 2007

Finished: 2 October 2007
Modifications: Just worked two eyelet rows at each end rather than throughout.
Notes: I wanted a quick knit to send a little snuggle to my recuperating Auntie and this fits the bill perfectly. Soft and gentle it is very simple and all the more lovely for that. I could look forever at the beauty of the interlocking stitches. This has been a comfort to me to knit in its plainness which shows off the lovely yarn perfectly.

Last but not least this is my 100th post - yippee! Thank you to everyone who reads and comments and makes this blogging so much fun :o) I'm glad you enjoyed my story from Matlock - is it wrong that even as it was happening I was relishing the idea of blogging about it??!! I wish that I had knitted up a patch to save the day though QoftF, maybe next time ;o)


Charity said…
The finished scarf is beautiful! I can't believe you've only been knitting a year - you do great work! :0)
Marianne said…
I agree with Charity, your knitting is beautiful. Lovely scarf!
Hey, blog fodder...wherever you can get it, eh? I really did love the story!
Linda said…
Your socks look lovely as does the Airy scarf!
I have never got on with a crochet cast on but here is a link to a great cast on for toe up socks.
Clare said…
Hey - a crochet cast on for socks is easier than it looks - I can show you at the weekend if you like.. I'm already eyeing up the fairisle course at Loop - eek! xx
artyfartykat said…
Love the rich colour of the scarf, lucky Aunty!
Good luck with the sock knitting. Having just frogged an almost complete Pomatomus, I've become patterned sock phobic!
Glenna C said…
Congrats on your 100th post!
Your Esthers really are beautiful so far, I'm definitely going to do that pattern :)
Curly Cable said…
Your finished Scarf is beautiful, well done and so is Esther, they are just so fab. You really make some lovely things. Congratulations on the 100th post ;)
Veronique said…
You don't need to crochet to do a provisional cast-on! Here's what you do: work a long tail cast on with 2 different yarns. One will form the sts on the needle, and the other will be looped under the sts.
florencemary said…
Don't worry too much about the socks, Sarah. I've only been knitting for the whole of my life (almost), but I've only started knitting socks about 6 months ago!

Despite that, I don't think much of the Kitchener grafting. What I do is, put my sock end stitches onto safety pins, turn the socks inside out, put the stitches back onto dpns from the safety pins, then do a 3-needle graft. It's a bit fiddly, but you get a much better finish (I think).
Piglottie said…
Love the scarf - gorgeous colour. Your Esthers are looking beautiful. I used Eunny's instructions when doing a provisional cast on scroll right down. I used invisible crochet cast on ii which I found quite easy.
dreamcatcher said…
Love the scarf, I can well imagine how lovely and soft and warm it will be :-)

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