Blue skies and tree branches

Early January narcissi first daffodil

snuggled up sleeping cat

handknit sock hand knitting

Sky and mood are both a lot brighter today, though hibernation is definitely not over yet! It was lovely but very chilly in the park today. The trees were filled with long-tailed tits searching for whatever tiny bugs it is that they eat. Their tiny chirrups were the most lovely soundtrack to a beautiful walk, though how they keep their tiny selves warm is beyond me and my six hundred layers.

Stitch by stitch I made a sock and got myself through a tough few weeks. Feeling low for a whole host of reasons I'm so glad that I found my way back to knitting on something absorbing. That old sanity saver has really worked its magic again. I know I've still got to make the other sock but I feel like a knitter again.

The surest sign that the old addiction is back is that it's only willpower and cold toes that have kept me working on this sock. Suddenly all the dreamy patterns on Ravelry are calling me. I have a hundred different sock patterns I want to start and to the left of me, here in my sofa nest, is the already printed pattern that is calling me the loudest: the Pay It Forward scarf. I'm letting it court me, playing a little hard to get. I'm thinking about yarn combinations while my fingers work on the sock, I daren't start pulling skeins out of the stash and begin the fondling (second base??) or I know I'd have to cast on!

Assuming it is my second sock that I cast on this afternoon, I'll be watching Nicole at the gentle knitter podcast while I knit it. It's been one of the happy surprises about diving back in to yarn obsessing, that somewhere in my knitting lull, podcasts went from audio only to video. This one is providing beautiful companionship (and source of plenty of inspiration for what to cast on next!).


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