Today while the veil is thin..

..seems a good day to remind myself of the vows I took while on retreat.
Photo of Sarah on the beach by Shan Leigh

Photo of Sarah knitting by Shan Leigh

Photo of Sarah on the cliff by Shan Leigh

Photo of Sarah making by Shan Leigh

I am glow
I will be kind
I promise to honour my need for water
I intend to feel holy
I am claiming my connection to the Ancient Graces

Photo of Sarah before the fire ceremony by Shan Leigh
Thank you Project Slumber and thank you Shan Leigh for your beautiful photographs.


Fiona said…
Cool vows and all - but I love the wave cardigan! I was looking at this exact one on the seasalt website yesterday :) xo.
Gerri said…
So good to see you Beautiful...xxO

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