Today I have an inkling of fondness for:

Snippet of an altar of collecting and magicking at the Harbor Hotel, Provincetown, MA

the insane good it does me to go retreating with a circle of women, imperfectly/perfectly capturing heaven/hell in a blissful weekend bubble/compound :: consciously cultivating a honeymoon re-entry weekend with my beloved :: everything Mary Oliver has ever published :: the theme song from Maid Marion :: and also (by the power of the divine nudge/YouTube suggestion) remembering Round the Twist :: coming home to a freshly made bed and a welcoming Siamese :: my new travel pillow :: conkers :: the rush of the Isis at Iffley Lock :: I have to stop YouTube - now we're Star Trekkin :: lamp light :: making a playlist in my Amazon music library in the sure and certain knowledge that they are pushers and I am sucked right in to their game :: the many grains of Cape Cod that travelled the 3,500 odd miles with me :: a room of my own :: tangible and intangible souvenirs :: the weird moments of awakeness that jetlag give you :: passing out half way through trying to watch the semi-final of the Great British Bake Off, there is a media blackout here until I am all caught up :: being greedy for all the joy ::


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