TGIF - Easing in to this...

Oracle Cards - The Wisdom of Trees, The Little Sage and home made deck
The newly blossoming easy breezy part of my self is rather delighted that I started this TGIF practice and then immediately missed posting for two weeks. The strict disciplinarian part is raising an eyebrow but she's secretly thinking the grass is rather green and lush over on the easy breezy side!

This week there is a new trust in the cycles of my body. Grumpiness at my tiredness on Bank Holiday Monday when there were so many things I wanted to DO was released much more quickly than ever before. I tried to just be grateful I didn't have to work - sank in to the resting - took a nap, started a new novel and then a sweet, caffeine boost saw me out for an evening dinner and walk and a beautiful end to a lovely weekend. Next day, energy to scoop up the essential tasks left aside the previous day. Who knew it could be like this? I am so grateful to be feeling the rewards of all my healing work these past eighteen months, my body is stronger and happier if not day by day, certainly week by week.

A wonderful inspiration this week is the delightful book Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver which is already transforming my faith  in the mystery and magic, the very touchableness, of the Divine.

I feel blessed.


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