Ordinary magical

Oh. This. Holiday!

Photos are mostly trapped on my phone, words are swirling, both will be indulged in depth in this space I am sure. Till then two things I needed to celebrate today.

1) The moment of purest, everyday magic that opened up my day. A glorious ribbon of light, snaking in under the blind and held fleetingly in the gauzy curtain. I hope some of the wonder and awe I felt has been captured in the pixels above. It was joy.

2) I am returning each day to a poem that dropped in part in to my inbox in a newsletter (Thank you Heather Day http://heatherdaywellness.com/thisisme) earlier this week. It says everything I most needed to hear that day and it makes me feel calm and whole and present to read it. (I haven't got a volume of Rumi's poetry so I am relying on various sources on the interwebs to cross reference (thank you!) for reproduction, they seem to agree and it's working for me)

Response to your question - Rumi

Why ask about behaviour  
when you are soul-essence
and a way of seeing into presence?
Plus you are with us. How could you worry?

You may as well free a few words
from your vocabulary why and how and impossible.
Open the mouth-cage and let those fly away.

We were all born by accident,
but still this wandering caravan
will make camp in perfection.

Forget the nonsense categories
of there and here.
Race and nation and religion.
Starting-point and destination.

You are soul and you are love,
not a sprite or an angel or a human being.
You are a Godman-womanGod-manGod-Godwoman.

No more questions now
as to what it is we are doing here.


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