Rag rugging rocks!

So if we fast forward from class at The Fibreworks on Saturday to the year 2017 then I might have a finished rug to show you! Class was fab, rugging is fun and just the most perfect way of recycling old clothes but I don't think I'd quite realised how much was going to need to go in to each rug! Happily we've been saving green t-shirts for a long while with just such a purpose in mind and I'm glad that I took the class to finally get going on this. The fact that it transfers well to the garden table means it might make some progress this glorious summer, outside in my green glade.


Rose Red said…
It looks really cool! And such a good project for sitting in the lovely back yard. Bet you'll have it done before you know it!
DrK said…
i can not think of anywhere i would rather be right now than in your gorgeous green glade. i do like the way you are busy trying ALL the crafts!

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