The shores of Garter Triangle Island are out of reach as I bob about in the waters of Bird's Eye Lace Lake. They are gentle waters really, a simple two row repeat to make this wide open lace but they are the kind of waters that I like to have a little of my knitting wits about me so that I at least catch when I've missed something or done something unprescribed before I'm working back and discover it on the the next row. Handily I already have the perfect counterpoint piece in my current WIPs. A long, vertically striped garter stitch scarf in various shades of woolly, soft Rowanspun. The perfect piece for my week night evenings when I generally lack much in the way of wits having left them trailing behind me in the day's work. These plumper, snugglier stitches require so much less concentration. They help smooth out the brain waves in an echo of their ripple and get to work on repairing the wits for the next day and for the next voyage out on the Lake.


Lynne said…
The knitting looks lovely!
Spinster Beth said…
Oooh, lace .... I have such a tough time with that cobwebby yarn, but it's SO beautiful! I love the natural earthy color of that yarn.
Rachel said…
Such a poetic way to describe the different mental processes needed for different projects! Whatever that tan lace is, it is beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Lovely Sarah! You write so beautifully! And so much inspiration for projects to keep us all going until we are at least 500 years old! ;)
DrK said…
there really is something completely spellbinding about really fine lace, the way the yarn just slips through your fingers like, well, water. you've made me itchy for something cobwebby now!

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