Easy as one, two, three

A dress, a shawl and a gift. Three things to complete for my friend's wedding in just less than three weeks. Ah deadlines! I try and keep you at bay in my crafty flittings by starting things in plenty of time but you've snuck up on me. Two of these coming weeks I'm going to be travelling and none of these projects are ideal for on the road work. So I'm taking myself in hand today and getting a schedule in place for this next week to get as much done as I can. Hopefully it will be as easy as ABC.


Rose Red said…
You can doooo eeeeeeet!
Lynne said…
Wishing you all the best. At least if you live near the happy couple you can give them the gift after they return from their honeymoon. Well, you could do that at all the weddings I've attended; the presents never get opened on the day!

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