Carry on camping

What are you to do when the skies don't want to play? The forecast was bad, Saturday dawned grey and damp and then the campsite we were booked at called to say that they were flooded! Pah, camping was the plan and camping we would go. We found a nearby site that had space from some less crazy than us who had cancelled and we actually had some lovely weather on Saturday afternoon to test our legs a little with a large hill. Sunday was distinctly rainy and there was a certain amount of cabin fever to contend with but what is rain for if not to make sure there is plenty of time for some embroidery? So all in all another fabulous little camping trip for our merry band.




Lynne said…
I think the whole world knows how bad the weather was in Britain this weekend thanks to Her Majesty's Jubilee! Glad to had fun despite the weather.
Modelwidow said…
Brave lady! Glad it turned out well and you enjoyed your (damp) break. Intrigued to see the embroidery when it's done.
Annie Cholewa said…
Looks like a typical British weekend ... all about the weather but none the worse for that :D

Totally intrigued by the embroidery, I can't work out what it is.
Fleur Cotton said…
What a thoroughly ' British' weekend!


Fleur xx

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