Souvenirs of a UK tour!

We're just coming to the end of a fortnight off work, it's been such bliss, a fortnight feels like a real luxury and definitely helped us really relax. We've been flitting around a lot: we started in Bath, then stayed on a farm just south of Bristol, from there to Dorset though I don't remember much of that as I was stuck in bed with a bug - boo! We went up to near Manchester to visit our friends and their two handsome little boys and from Manchester down to south Wales to see more friends and their scrumptious little girl. Phew! We've been home a couple of days and for such total homebodies as us this has probably been our favourite part. A gentler pace in my brain is definitely my favourite souvenir but as we've shopped in most places we stopped we picked up a wealth of more tangible things too. The car boot was straining to hold it all by the end! I've  made a start on some Christmas gift shopping (minimal Christmas knits this year!) and picked up a few things for myself too. My favourite is the little old school embroidery kit pictured below. Astonishingly I bought no wool though I visited two lovely shops. In the second I got some rather marvellous material for a top. The fabric stash is growing! Knitting has strangely been sparse though I finished a sock and I've been more crafty since I got home. Looking forward to catching up on all the posts in my Google Reader and the makey inspiration that I think is the only ingredient that's been missing.
On the road to Bath
One of the glorious windows of Bath Abbey
Favourite coffee -
Near Walcot Street
A gingerbread cottage in the park
The Ballroom at the Assembly Rooms
Folly Farm

George, in charge of security

At Llansteffan Beach


Lynne said…
Welcome home; sounds like you had a wonderful time.
Bells said…
these photos were such a treat. Bath! How lovely!

I'm glad you got two weeks to really unwind. It is a luxury isn't it? And I agree - we often find the home time the best part!
marycatharine said…
Looks like a lovely tour!
Rose Red said…
Oh how I love Bath! When we were at Bath Abbey we saw a wedding! A very small one, but still! And they had a horse and carriage to drive away in! Sounds like a fantastic trip, how wonderful!
Beautiful photos! Sounds like a wonderful trip :)
Anonymous said…
oh what great photos. what a great trip! so glad its been relaxing, and sometimes a crafting break is just whats needed to get the inspiration (and fingers) moving again!
behind the ivy said…
Wonderful pictures! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time.
raining sheep said…
Hi Sarah, thank you for visiting. I have one more week of school left and then I hope life can filter down a little. The first three days at work are a bit crazy. Such a huge change. I am slowly getting back into blogging. Probably can't blog every week yet, but hopefully a bit more than I have been :)
Spinster Beth said…
Wow, gorgeous pictures! Thanks!

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