In the last two weeks..

.. it feels like all I've done is work though as I uploaded my camera card to find the picture I wanted to accompany this post I found these before and after shots of our kitchen cupboard so it looks like I've been present and domestic-ing in the house without even realising it!

 There's something about taking a before photo of tidying up that makes it so much more bearable for me. It still looks much more like photo number two and I'd forgotten it ever got as bad as number one so these were a nice surprise!

I have also been gently knitting away on a chunky cardigan that is getting close to the end - rather thrilling though I still dare not call it a Christmas present for fear I will curse my fingers. Still I was feeling a bit too much work makes Jack a dull girl and then I had a rather splendid crafty weekend.

On Saturday I spent four hours dedicated to THE dress - it's really nearly there now - metres of hem to be hand sewn will surely flash by! I've done a few evenings at my sewing teacher's house since the summer and she's now running a once a month sewing class. It's a small group, we bring any project we want to work on and she moves around helping us with whatever we need. Half the time I think just the confidence of knowing someone is nearby is all that is needed to get me moving, that and the act of going. It's a commitment I don't find so easy to make at home. Knitting or crochet squidges in to the nooks and crannies of every day while sewing requires a space - both mental and physical that seems to be tricky to find in my life. Though really if I just sorted out our spare room properly I could make a sewing area in there and hopefully in my mind too. One day! Until then I shall just have to set up my own class for one in between the monthly classes I think. Maybe I'll go out the front door machine in hand and come back in as if I'm at my class :o)

And to say farewell a couple of shots of of oh so beautiful Panda,
something I always find whenever I upload my photos.


Panda is such a gorgeous cat! I always feel that cats know only too well how beautiful they are!! xx
Rachel said…
I like how you aren't calling knitting a gift until you are done...seems perfectly reasonable to me!

Looking forward to seeing The Dress...I think, like you, I'd sew more if I had a group. The knowledge that someone is there to help really is a strong reassurance isn't it?
Lynne said…
I agree. I pay for a weekly class - mostly it's just knowing there is someone there for help when I need it (although I do sew at home on most days).
Anonymous said…
i think its partly that dedicated space that puts me off sewing, that you have to do it by yourself in a single place. not as social or mobile as knitting etc. but your class sounds like a great idea, and i can not wait to see that dress! and work really shouldnt be allowed to get in the way like that should it?!
Rose Red said…
Oh, my pantry looks a lot like your before shot! I really should tackle it soon.

I think the monthly sewing group is a great idea, I feel the same about sewing. It is a lot of work to get out the machine, clear the space etc. Whereas knitting is just there, no set up work required. Especially when time is limited.
behind the ivy said…
I'm terrible at tidying. I'm one of those people who always makes even more of a mess before I can start to make it look better!

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