Since the slight anti-climax of making Short Lucky a bit too Large Lucky (though thank you for your kind comments)  I've been playing with my crochet.
I've promoted myself from the first stage of clueless crocheter = only allowed to make granny squares with scrap yarn to adept beginner = cracking out the blanket yarn, van green included.
It feels much more playful than the oh so serious business of garment making. No pattern to follow, no fit to worry about, the biggest decision is which colour comes next. Delightful.
This weekend I'm going to let myself order some more. Yellow and orange are top of the list. I know, crazy days! 


Sea said…
Are you going make a bedcover with all those squares? I always think they look so welcoming. I made 3 when I was younger, dunno if they other two still exist, I know mine doesn't
Melissa said…
Lovely colours! What are they to become?
marycatharine said…
The van green works so well with all those other colours :)
Rose Red said…
Love all those squares, they look fantastic! Van green is perfect!
Gidgetknits said…
Love the feast of colour!
So glad you are enjoying blanket making (?)...I am addicted! xxx
raining sheep said…
So gorgeous. Here are my links that I used to more or less get my granny square blanket made. I did not have your email so I am posting them here.
Lynne said…
Woo-hoo! Great progress. Lovely colours.
Anonymous said…
I love the granny squares, the colours are so pretty.

It feels good to be blogging again and catching up on posts from old blog friends!
Rachel said…
They look so fun! And I like that stress with the making other than the color choices. Imagine that!

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