Happy Campers

We were among many happy campers this Easter weekend.
Basking in the sunshine.
Postcard pretty everywhere.
We had a lovely site
on a farm with both more 
and less traditional inhabitants. 
Great companions (and van camping aficionados).
Bluebell woods made a magnificent assault on the senses.
Plenty of craft time did see Short Lucky finished.
(Almost) van green souvenir yarn.


Looks like you had a fabulous time. I am green (van green?) with envy...so so want one of those camper vans. Gorgeous xx
Tora said…
Lucky you! I too want want one of those!
Sea said…
I love llamas. Are they kept for their yarn potential, in this case, or just as pets?
Val said…
I don't remember where I found your blog today--Maybe Alicia's?--but love this post. The bluebells are lovely, and the van-camping sounds like so much fun. :)
Lynne said…
Ooo! Sunshine! Send some my way please - we are off to the beach for a week and the forecast is for showers, showers and showers! :-(

Glad you had a great weekend.
Charity said…
Ooooh, is that your green van?!? Wow, like Andrea, I am Greeeen with envy, how awesome it is! Glad you had fun, it looks beautiful there. :)
Rose Red said…
You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

Not to mention finding van green yarn! Perfect!
Anonymous said…
postcard pretty indeed! a perfect way to spend the break. love the green van yarn!
T. said…
Gorgeous! And souvenir yarn is the best!
Wowzers! Looks like you had such a wonderful time...
Love the matching van and yarn green!
Hope you're feeling relaxed after your mini-break...
Modelwidow said…
It certainly looks like you had a great time, super weather and what lovely photos.
Rachel said…
Wow -- such beautiful pictures. You guys are way further along in spring than we are!!

And ooohhh, you finished Short Lucky...can't wait to see FO shots! I've got my eye on that pattern (and so many others of hers!).
Linda said…
Lovely green van! The blue bell wood srae fab round here too, we stayed in one last weekend!
raining sheep said…
Oooh. Such a lovely time. I love the green VW van!! Sounds like you are doing well and enjoying a good knit! Hugs.
marycatharine said…
Looks like you had a wonderful weekend... those bluebells are wonderful!

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