Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday is not Sunday but it will do just fine

Done at last and straight in to action. Socks make great little summer projects but as the weather starts to cool down they really come in to their own. There's nothing quite so satisfying in knitting for me as finishing up and pulling the item in question straight on for some much desired warmth. 
Yarn: Socks that Rock in the wonderful Thraven
Needles: 2.25mm DPNs
Started: June 9th 2010
Finished: October 18th 2010
These are a wonderful match of a pattern I love (top down - yay!) and a yarn I'd dreamt about owning until the start of this year. Thank you again Wendy for your generosity and thoughtfulness it makes these beauties all the more beautiful to me. I may never take them off  though I love how they look when I do. The sculptural aspects of the ribs are wonderful.
And the colour - oh the gorgeous colour - it's a little more true to life in this last shot. I doubt I'll ever have the photography skills to quite capture the amazing depth and variation of these nearly black Raven clan colourways. They are an amazing expression of a real art form.

I'm so lucky in this socky month to jump straight from the yarn of one master dyer to another. Here's the first glimpse of the WM sock - a rather beautiful folded cuff if I do say so myself. Alice has designed a fabulous pattern for variegated colourways so I decided to behave myself as a club member and knit the pattern with the yarn it was designed for. More to see of this at the weekend I feel sure.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Millimetre by millimetre

Oh why, oh why is Socktober flying  away so fast? I'm making glacially slow progress on my beautiful Carettas. They were three quarters done before the month started. 
This toe has been tormenting me all week, so close, yet so far, from an actual finished sock. Even when I manage to sit down with it in my hands I'm so tired it gets only a row or two longer. Still I'm hopeful that today even I must be able to finish off these toe decreases.

I'd thought I'd be on to the Lorna's Laces next but then last weekend the next club parcel arrived with this in it. 
Seriously! I'm so excited to even hold this legendary yarn I think I have to let it queue jump!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Spring Shot

A long time in the works mainly because of the idea that I needed to think about the knitting of them here finally are the Spring Shoots.
Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun - Soft Strength in club colourway - Persephone
Needles: 2.5mm DPNs
Started: April 2nd 2010
Finished: September 19th 2010
I wasn't sure I would ever be bothered to knit another sock in this way, it is based on Cat Bordhi's Houdini structure and I am quite wedded to the cuff down, heel flap construction. I suspect in the main I love my top downers because it is what I learnt first, though there is something very special in the rhythm of the knit. Normally a simple cuff to get you into the feel of the needles and the yarn, then a stretch of leg with pattern if you fancy, then the magic of the heel for a little razzmatazz and then gusset decreases ahoy you can feel yourself running down hill to the toe. This pattern taught me lots and it is fun to cut your knitting, but when I was sewing up the first one all the ends seemed so much work compared to my regular bit of kitchenering on a wedge toe.
However, there was quite a revelation when I slipped it on. The fit, especially of the heel, is really rather wonderful. The round decreases mimic the roundness of the heel very well. I'll certainly think of dropping in what is basically a star heel perhaps as an afterthought heel for the ole top downers, and you know, I'm thinking of digging myself even further out of my top down heel flap way of thinking and trying some more of these afterthought legs. One day then, they won't take so much thought and I might just have a couple of sock structures bedded in to my brain, variety after all is the spice of socks.

One thing that I did as written in the pattern that I wouldn't bother with again is the knit on moss stitch cuff. It's very pretty and gives a nice soft stretchy top but a regular cuff with a sewn bind off has worked quite nicely on other toe ups I've known and loved and as anyone who has ever knit the beret Verity with that band knows it's a long road to knit on.
So it's nice to start Socktoberfest (you remember how much I love Lolly's sock celebration) showing off a pair of finished socks, my goal for this month is to catch up a little with Sock Club activity which means finishing the Caretta's and starting in on 2LuvCrew. As that means knitting first with Socks that Rock and secondly with Lorna's Laces my fingers as well as my feet will be spoilt this Socktober.
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