Saturday, July 17, 2010

No Hurry

While those amazing men having been giving everything to the roads of France and have certainly been in a hurry I have been a little less dedicated to my knitting tour. A little?
A lot.

One button band. It's so funny to come back here and see all these things laid out that I just haven't touched. Work has just been so busy and the actual real live summer weather we had was putting me off touching anything warmer than a G&T with plenty of ice. Still I have the next week off with a trip to Cornwall and much R&R planned so perhaps I will ascend a little further up my mountain range. If not, well one day:

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

Monday, July 05, 2010

The Landscape Ahead

The Tour de France is in to the serious stuff with stage one yesterday. So far I've managed just a little look at the map ahead for my ride in the knit along on Ravelry (sign ups still welcome). It's the Polka Dot Jersey competition again for me, as many WIP mountains as I can haul myself over before the end of the race.

Last year I started with eight mountains ahead, this year we're one lighter at seven though with three adult cardigans to last year's two (one of which just needed seaming) it's looking a stiffer challenge. Especially as one of the peaks is one I didn't scale last time. Arisaig remains unconquered and though she's further on than last year there may be an insurmountable issue - I can't find her! Leaving that problem for another day I got the others out to assess my chances on their slopes.

Starting in the foot hills, there's Willie. A button band and an ear and this will be there so I feel confident of at least one spot on the jersey.
Then there's a sock or two
which are just in need of matching friends; a little more effort required but even given what looks like a crazy month at work I think I'm up to these inclines. After this though I might need to get some oxygen, as things start to look more Himalyan than Alpish or Pyreneean.
There are the cosy over the knee socks started last autumn that I felt sure would be done on my holidays. It was encouraging to show this one the light and remember that I made it slightly further than the Ravelry page shows but there's a lot of knitting left in these.

Then there are the cardis that I can find:
The Double V sleeve swatch is nearly done but my progress on this gives me a reality check and a half. Two weeks of my current available knitting time have got me this far. I think this alone would be a challenge for the next three weeks. Then there's Patti:
Knitting something with pleats means a lot of stitches, this is just the back. I don't see me getting as far as working on this so the need to tidy the spare room and find Arisaig is averted for a while yet!
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