Friday, August 29, 2008

Another city, the other sock

It's been a better trip for knitting, all of this second sock has been done whilst here in Vienna. (Can't ever even think this city name without hearing this.) I'm feeling weary and glad to not be rushing to the airport having opted to fly back tomorrow and yet also so homesick that I wish I was rushing to the airport. These last three trips have been a little close together for my liking but you know how it is, so many glamourous cities to visit so little time! A little blogging will cheer me up and make me remember the perks whilst I paw over my wonderful purchases because as well as some knitting time I got to buy some:
And only you peeps will really understand why oh why I need more sock yarn? Oh these Noro colourways is why...

I've been resisting the Kureyon sock, thinking I'd hold out until the Silk Garden was available in the UK but I hadn't met any in person until this week...

The Regia colourways are rather fine too, and sooooo much cheaper in Europe that it would have been foolish not to buy them and in fact I'm wondering how I didn't buy more!!! Thanks to Mrs Lurker for a wonderful birthday pressie of stash enhancement pounds - hope you like what I bought :o)
ETA - PS Wolle is from a lovely lady called Christine Withalm address here

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Taking time to cross the line

I've needed a little time to find the mental (and physical - that kitchen table was messy) space to start some seaming. I knew I needed to take it slowly to get it as neat as possible. My first seamed garment definitely suffered from being sewn up while I was scrunched on the sofa just thinking about having it finished ASAP. Mum's cardigan looked a lot more professional for simply having some time and space dedicated to the finishing of it so that was the approach I wanted for Moonlight. Finding that time and space has proved tricky in the last few months, Moonlight has been at the 'sweater in a bag - just add seaming' stage since May and Iris has actually leapfrogged it for some attention. It may not be the best summer ever but it's still (just about) more suited to a cotton shrug than a large, woollen cardigan. So with all equipment to hand I sat down, took a deep breath and slowly got on with the tasks at hand. I sewed in the loose ends, added a row to the back of the neck, steam blocked the pieces and then wielded the needle in earnest. It was definitely the right approach for Iris and I; there's a surprising amount of stitching in a little shrug! Whenever I got a bit twitchy and tempted to be slap dash about it I just broke off and did something else. I think that you must use different parts of your brain for knitting and for sewing as my ability and concentration for the latter is not at all developed. I suppose it's just a question of practice; my knitting has improved so much from when I started but my tendency to make socks and other items with minimal finishing mean that skill set is lagging way behind. Anyway, this morning I got the finishing finished and we just headed out for the joy that is the blog photo shoot. Me pleading for flattering angles, my beloved more interested in photos of the garden and cats. Good job we had a good creative director on hand for this one.Pattern: Iris from Rowan 35
Yarn: Rowan Calmer, Refresh - just over 5 balls

Needles: 4.5mm and 5mm bamboo straights
Started: 15 June 2008
Finished: 23 August 2008Notes: Simple knit with nice shaping touches for the front. If I were to make again I would try and do the shoulder slope slightly differently and do a three needle bind off with the fronts. The back neck edge is also a little ragged so I would change the decreases here. The front and back edges roll a little which I may be able to control with some fiercer action with the iron but an extra couple of rows of garter stitch wouldn't hurt. These are pretty minor niggles though, all in all I'm very happy, it's the best fitting thing I've made so far, a really useful addition to my wardrobe and the Calmer feels gorgeous: plump and soft.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

No knitting for a week...

... a mega busy work trip meant no progress was made on my travel project, but at least I kept hold of it this time! This is the sock yesterday in the same state as last Sunday morning when I headed off to Oslo again.

Do you see the great addition to my sock travel kit? These WIP tubes from Knit'n'Caboodle make excellent protection for my beloved Harmony DPNs.

I did get a dose of craft in the week when I squeezed in a quick stop at the wonderful Museum of Applied Art. In line with the trip theme of no knitting the textile collection was mostly under wraps as they rearranged a whole floor, still worth a visit though to see a beautiful range of works that prove that craft is art.

So I'm off to create some more art. I should be wielding a darning needle as I have two cardis for seaming as I managed to finish up the pieces of Iris before I went on my travels but I'm comfy on the sofa watching the Olympics so I think I'll stick with the simple sock and make up for lost knitting time.
Thank you all for your comments and votes on Verity - an 80% majority has swayed me to keep her for myself. Cheers my dears :o)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Ooh la la...

Elle est fini :o) My little beret has finally made it over the finishing line. The peloton have long since disbanded so I can't claim any colour jersey for this but I loved being part of the knitalong so I'm really just pleased I wasn't months behind.
Pattern: Verity
Yarn: South West Trading Company Karaoke - Mermaid; just under two balls
Needles: 4.5mm dpns and 40cm circular
Started: 1 July 2008
Finished: 6 August 2008
What's that - you want to see a modelled shot? Well only on one condition - you have to give me your honest opinion as to whether I can rock this hat or not. I am not convinced and the 1TB is being no help - when I say I think it suits me he agrees, when I say I think it doesn't - well yep he agrees! So let's have a vote on it - my head will be adorned by Verity or not depending on the results of the poll [ETA - this is now a blogger poll at the top of my sidebar - happy voting], and don't worry if you think I look a fool - there are a couple of my friends I was planning on making this for anyway who I'm sure it will suit. So whichever direction the poll swings this is a winner for me - my winter hat done or a Christmas present stashed away.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

On the crest of a wave...

One piece of knitting started and finished in a matter of a few days and most amazing of all - in time for the birthday deadline today. Feels like a novelty with all my deadlines missed of late. Of course it helps that I've knit this pattern before.

The only possible chance of wipe out appeared when I was trying to bind off with not quite enough yarn left but luckily my cast on had left quite a long tail so I stole some of that and that was that - just. See the the flotsam left over below.

Thanks Knitty in Pink for this pretty Giotto, this pattern and yarn combo is still winning my award for the perfect summer gift scarf.

Pattern: Morning Surf Scarf
Yarn: Colinette Giotto - Popsicle?
Needles: 9mm wooden straights
Started: 30 July 2008
Finished: 2 August 2008
Modifications: 26 stitch size

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