Friday, November 22, 2013


Studio. Soon. Still stuttering along in the cleaning and tidying stages. Some days that makes me despair it will ever be usable. Some days I know this preparation is just part of the cycle. That's where I am today and where I'm going to try and stay.
Baskets and boxes of studio supplies being sorted

Scrubbing plaster from the new studio floor

I'm preparing the ground, committing the space, making a firm foundation for what I feel will be a big new wave of creativity. I've been fallow for a long time now. Little dabbles here and there: I have a cardigan all but done I'm itching to show off and I've made forays into many new areas with classes this year. They have been so important for me in helping me hold on to the identity of crafter and yet... Classes are like a wander off to a well tended park and sometimes I come back refreshed and sometimes they have made me cast ever more harsh eyes at the mess and chaos in my living space and specifically amongst my supplies. Happily that is not how I feel after needle felting and I have the perfect basket to put all my new treasures in while they wait patiently for their turn!

The studio progress was starting to drift as I have rested and not pushed these weeks since I've been back from retreat. Trying to put new knowledge in to practice, playing with habits, making new healthy ones.

I never managed to get this space sorted when I was pushing myself from a place of empty as it was an optional space. Any time and energy for house care was getting spent on more mundane essentials, like the kitchen or bathroom. So having proved to myself that the whip cracking didn't produce results I have been trying so patiently to let the right time to make progress come up. Taking small steps in there invisible to everyone but myself. Now I can feel sorting this space is becoming more of a priority. I've more energy to spend on tiring tasks like scrubbing plaster off floors and more headspace to understand how to arrange things. I've realised I can't think out the perfect configuration I need to get something done and try it and so.. soon. Whatever that means. In plenty of time that I know.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Feeling felty

Needle felting starting kit

Needle felting class at The Fibreworks Oxford

Needle felting class cottage comparison

Gretel Parker's needle felted Christmas Cottages

Mushroom House, the first needle felted creation
Another class as part of the 2013 schedule to try ALL the crafts. This time taught by the totally wonderful Gretel Parker at my local yarn shop, The Fibreworks Oxford. Class buddy Mama at my side, we studiously (and not so studiously) applied needles to roving (and happily rarely to fingers) to sculpt something Christmassy. Or if you were me (egged on by Gretel I feel) started out with a dinky, dainty Christmas cottage in mind and ended up with a substantial mushroom house. It must be my new freewheeling attitude, I just let the roving do what it wanted.

Scuse the grainy photos, we work with iphones and limited light the best we can. I think the totally adorable nature of the creations shines through. The row of the worlds cutest wee cottages are Gretel's perfection, the last photo is mine. Still a WIP. Roving on its way from the very efficient Adelaide Walker to add a few last touches. And to begin creating the entire woodland village currently living in my head. Favourite class of the year!
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